JUMBO Exclusive Clip: Jeanne Shares Her Creations

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JUMBO Exclusive Clip: Jeanne Shares Her Creations
Zoé Wittock's contemporary fairy tale Jumbo is coming to VOD and DVD on March 16 from Dark Star Pictures. We have an exclusive clip to share with you today. You will find it and a selection of stills below. 
Jeanne, a shy young woman, lives at home with her uninhibited bartender mother and works the graveyard shift as a cleaner at an amusement park. Her mother wants her to meet a man, but Jeanne prefers tinkering in her bedroom with wires, light bulbs, and spare parts, creating miniature versions of theme park rides. During her late-night shifts she begins spending intimate time with the alluring new Tilt-A-Whirl ride that she decides to call Jumbo. Finding herself seduced by “his” red lights, smooth chrome, and oily hydraulics, Jeanne concludes that the thrilling new relationship she wants to pursue is with Jumbo.
In the clip, Jeanne, the center of this story, is showing her boss Marc her creations. As mentioned in the synopsis above, she recreates miniature versions of theme park rides in her room. 
There is a lot of love for Jumbo around these parts. In her review, our own Shelagh Rowan-Legg wrote: 
Zoé Wittock's feature debut tells the tale of a shy and awkward young woman, who finds herself drawn into something beyond what we might consider reasonable or even possible. Is it dangerous? Is it sinful? Is she insane? Jumbo is a quiet, beautiful, and very strange story of an unusual kind of love.
Wittock passes no judgement on the characters, but instead asks the audience, what would you do if you loved like Jeanne does, or what would you do if you loved someone like Jeanne? Jumbo wears its tilted-whirling-coloured heart on its sleeve, finding joy with the oddest couples, knowing that happiness comes from acceptance of us exactly as we are.
Jumbo is playing in virtual cinemas right now; keep an eye out for it on VOD and DVD on March 16. 
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