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Neuchâtel 2022 Review: ASHKAL, Fire Without End

If a person sets themselves alight and no one sees it, does the act lose its meaning? Is a half-built housing complex still a potential home, or a constant reminder of impermenance? Can justice be served only through the law,...

CULT HERO Exclusive: Trailer Premiere, New Poster and Raven Banner Boards Jesse T. Cook's Action Horror Playing at Fantasia This Month

Coming at you today with your first look at the trailer and new poster (from SmallDog Design) for Jesse T Cook's new action horror, Cult Hero.    Cult Hero was written by Kevin Revie (Deadsight). It is based on a...

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: DAY ZERO, Battling Filipino Zombies With a Purpose

Brandon Vera, Pepe Herrera, MJ Lastimosa and Joey Marquez star in director Joey De Guzman's fresh action-horror thriller.

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: DEMIGOD: THE LEGEND BEGINS, Epic Battles in Sprawling Puppet Adventure

Chris Huang Wen-chang directs a classic martial arts fantasy from Taiwan.

Short Cuts: Ethan Soo's SWEPT UNDER

Short Cuts is a new feature in which we chart a direct route to exciting genre shorts that deserve to cut through the clutter. Armed coups, military conflicts and the wars they can trigger are unquestionably rife with horror, a...

Tribeca 2022 Review: MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MARRIAGE, Animated Female Empowerment

Latvian-American animator Signe Baumane revisits her two short marriage stints and debunks the mythology of love in a semi-autobiographical feature film.

FROM BEYOND Genre Short Premières At Fantasia: Watch The Trailer

Contact with extraterrestrial life forms would be an event of Earth-shattering, Belief-shattering proportions, and there sure is no shortage of films about the subject. From intelligent thought-pieces to epic monster flicks, we've seen plenty of first contacts and last contacts....

POLARIS: Watch The Trailer For Fantasia's Opening Film

Set in 2144 against the  backdrop of a frozen wasteland, Sumi, a human child raised by Mama Polar Bear, narrowly escapes capture from a brutal Morad hunting party and sets out across the vast winter landscape. When Sumi stumbles across...

THE RETALIATORS Set Worldwide Release This September

An upstanding pastor uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter's brutal murder. A high-octane original soundtrack and cameos from some of the biggest names in rock music set the tone as this horror-thriller...

Fantasia 2022: Watch The Trailer For Inquisition Horror Short Film EL SEMBLANTE

Spain. Year 1692. The Holy Inquisition enters a long decline and, as a reaction, its servants are more ruthless than ever. An inquisitor has spent years searching for the perfect torture device that captures the purest face of pain and...

Review: CLARA SOLA, When Quiet Desperation Explodes

What does it mean to leave a life of quiet desperation? The quote's originator might have been referring to people's values, but we could take our own interpretation, of how too many people are unable to find happiness and contentment....

Now Streaming: CHLOE, With Grieving Friends Like These

Erin Doherty, Billy Howle and Pippa Bennett-Warner star in a seductive mystery series, created by Alice Seabright, and now streaming on Prime Video.

Review: DAWN BREAKS BEHIND THE EYES, Trippy Homage to Euro-Gothic Horror

Anna Platen, Jeff Wilbusch and Frederik von Lüttichau star in a horror-action picture from Germany, directed by Kevin Kopacka.

Review: APPLES, Absurdist Deadpan Parable, Greek New Wave Style

The emerging Greek director Christos Nikou is the latest guardian to keep the flame of Greek New Wave cinematic oddities smoldering. Nine years after Yorgos Lanthimos' remarkable Alps bowed on the Lido, Nikou arrives at La Biennale with Apples (original title:...

Tribeca 2022 Review: FAMILY DINNER Serves Up Grim Lessons

Pia Hierzegger, Michael Pink and Nina Katlein star in director Peter Hengl's horror film from Austria. Read the review; watch the trailer.

Review: FLUX GOURMET, Absurd and Hilarious Culinary Adventures

British director Peter Strickland evokes his chamber sonic horror Berberian Sound Studio in his latest work. Flux Gourmet pushes the envelope further into an absurdist direction, marking his most hilarious venture so far. After his Giallo homage in Berberian Sound Studio, Strickland...

Now on Home Video: PANDA! GO, PANDA!, When the World Was Young

Takahata and Miyazaki, before Studio Ghibli, collaborated on an utterly delightful animated concoction.

Now Streaming: GLORIA, Mother Must Solve the Mystery of the Disappearing Father

Cécile Bois and Barbara Schulz star in the mystery-thriller, now streaming on MHz Choice.

DEMON SQUAD Trailer: Premieres on Mystery Science Theater 3000 This Friday

Thomas Smith’s 2019 indie micro-budget horror flick Demon Squad will have the illustrious pleasure of premiering on Mystery Science Theater 3000 this Friday. It is also available on DVD, on Tubi and VOD platforms as well.    We've include the...

FAIR GAME: 80s Ozploitation Flick Coming to Cinemas And Digital This July

A young woman running an animal sanctuary in the outback takes her revenge on a trio of kangaroo hunters who terrorized her.   Dark Star Pictures will release Mario Andreacchio's Ozploitation flick from 1986, Fair Game, in 'North American' cinemas on...