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THE HYPERBOREAN: Jesse Thomas Cook's Sci-fi Alien Horror Movie Acquired by Freestyle Media For The U.S.

Freestyle Media have acquired Jess Thomas Cook's sci-fi alien horror movie, The Hyperborean, and will put it out on VOD platforms and DVD in the U.S. on July 19th.    Cook is one of Canada's more prolific horror filmmakers these...

SHORESY S3 Review: Propelled By Manic Energy

Creator Jared Keeso stars in the comic series as the feisty and fiery leader of a hockey team in Northern Ontario. Now streaming on Hulu in the U.S. and Crave in Canada.

GREEN BORDER Review: Uncomfortable Yet Vital Refugee Drama

Directed by Agnieszka Holland, the film stars Jalal Altawil, Maja Ostaszewska, and Behi Djanati Atai.

THE BEAST WITHIN Trailer: Kit Harington Hides a Dark Secret From His Daughter

Told through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl, she begins to question her unusual life in her family's fortified compound in rural England.

VICTIMS OF SIN Blu-ray Review: Dance Hall Girl with a Baby in Highly-Charged Melodrama

Ninon Sevilla stars in the dazzling picture, directed by Emilio Fernandez and shot by Gabriel Figueroa, now on the Criterion Collection.

A MAN OF REASON (보호자): Korean Action Drama In Theaters on July 5th And on VOD on July 9th

After spending a decade in prison, a hitman learns that he has a daughter and just wants a chance at a normal life. But his former mob boss wants him back at any cost, sending merciless assassins after him.

Zlín 2024 Review: A MATCH Crushes Aspirations and Autonomy in Arranged Marriages

Emerging director Jayant Digambar Somalkar presents a coming-of-age drama exploring the conflict between personal desires and societal expectations in rural patriarchal India.

Zlín 2024 Review: ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN Explores Awakening Into Emancipation

Canadian director Nathalie Saint-Pierre crafts a coming-of-age tale that navigates the transformative journey from isolation of a religious cult to self-discovery in cosmopolitan Montreal.

TIGER STRIPES Review: Beautiful, Incisive Story of the Monstrous Feminine

Amanda Nell Eu wrote and directed "a beautiful and incisive story of the monstrous feminine." Zafreen Zairizal, Deena Ezral, Piqa, Shaheizy Sam, June Lojong, Khairunazwan Rodzy, and Fatimah Abu Bakar star.

Zlín 2024 Review: SKUNK Offers Brutal Adolescent Saga

Director Koen Mortier ('Ex-Drummer') dives into the harrowing reality of adolescent abuse and resilience, offering a stark, unflinching look at a system that perpetuates trauma.

KILL Official Trailer: This Brutal Indian Action Flick is Coming Fast!

Watch the official trailer for the brutal and bloody action from India. Coming the theaters on July 4th.

GIRLFIGHT Blu-ray Review: Rage Harnessed and Powerful

It's easy to get blasé about dramas that follow an individual as they learn a new sport/activity that becomes the centre of their world, giving their life deeper meaning; it's a common enough trope through cinema. But if you can...

Tribeca 2024 Review: HUNTERS ON A WHITE FIELD, Trapped in Their Own Toxic Masculinity

Ardalan Esmaili, Magnus Krepper, and Jens Hultén star in the Swedish psychological thriller, directed by Sarah Gyllenstierna.

UNDER PARIS Review: Save the Shark! (Before She Eats Anyone Else.) (Oops, Too Late.)

Xavier Gens directs Berenice Bejo and Nassim Lyes in a riotously unglued, 'police vs. shark(s)' action-thriller. Now streaming on Netflix.

STARVE ACRE: Official Trailer Poster For British Folk Horror, Starring Matt Smith And Morfydd Clark

When their son starts acting strangely, a couple unwittingly allow dark and sinister forces into their home, awakening a long-dormant ancient evil rooted deep in the countryside.   Directed and written by Daniel Kokotajlo, STARVE ACRE stars Matt Smith and...

ODDITY: Watch The Trailer For Supernatural Horror From CAVEAT's Damian McCarthy

When Dani is brutally murdered at the remote country house that she and her husband Ted are renovating, everyone suspects a patient from the local mental health institution, where Ted is a doctor. However, soon after the tragic killing, the...

THE KILLER'S GAME Official Trailer: Dave Bautista And Sofia Boutella Star in JJ Perry's Action Comedy

In the new action-comedy The Killer's Game, when top hitman Joe Flood (Dave Bautista) is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he decides to take matters into his own hands – by taking a hit out on himself. But when the...

Tribeca 2024 Exclusive Trailer Debut: THE DOG THIEF Takes a Bite Out of Crime

Set to enjoy its world premiere at Tribeca Festival 2024, The Dog Thief revolves around the titular animal-snatcher and an unexpected relationship that he develops with a lonely tailor. The trailer suggests that more layers will be unpacked. First, here's...

MAXXXINE: Watch The New Trailer

In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.

VULCANIZADORA: Tribeca-Bound Dark Comedy Releases First Teaser And Poster

First Teaser and Poster Released for Joel Potrykus' Tribeca-Bound Dark Comedy Vulcanizadora, Starring Potrykus and Joshua Burge