Friday One Sheet: LONGLEGS (Again)

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Friday One Sheet: LONGLEGS (Again)

Perhaps the best movie marketing effort of 2024, at least via its posters, has been for Osgoode Perkins' soon to be released Longlegs. We have always been ardent admirers of design house GrandSon, and, quite simply put, they have been killing it here.

The current incarnation has the feeling of a teaser poster, with large release date text, the absence of a credit block, menacingly vague face, and impossible to ignore high-contrast red. What is perhaps most prominent, however, is the centring of the R rating. Everything about the marketing of this film has underlined that this is going to be at the more mature and rough end of the nightmare spectrum.

One note here is the ever so slight asymmetry of the figure's gaze in this poster -- after all, asymmetry is unsettling as humans see faces -- is subtly enhanced with the odd, tight kerning of the typeface of the title here. Watch out for those "G"s.


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