Friday One Sheet: MAD MAX & THE FURY ROAD

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Friday One Sheet: MAD MAX & THE FURY ROAD

With the underwhelming box office of the latest film in the decade spanning Mad Max franchise, Furiosa, there may be no more of these wonderful, experimental, and auteur-driven action films made. That is a shame. But we can dream. 

As did this anonymous artist-designer (this is too good, and too darn clean in design, to be A.I.) who reimagined what the O.G. vehicle stunt spectacular auteur, Buster Keaton, might have made in the 1920s.  (One quibble, Keaton would have titled the picture Mad Max Jr. to make an unofficial trilogy with Sherlock Jr. and Steam Boat Bill Jr.)

Either way, it is pretty clear Silent-Era cinema masterpiece, The General, was a major influence on the Max Max franchise; particularly so as George Miller leaned more and more into vehicular mayhem and stuntwork.

For completeness sake the 'long-skinny poster' dimensions of the era are used here, along with the mattie-ing, and typeface italics so often seen in broad-sheets of the era.

We can all dream of what this might have been like.  Hopefully Artificial Intelligence NEVER makes it happen.


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