LONGLEGS: Teenagers Can go to a Parent-Free Screaming (Screening) in New York, This Friday, With Bloody Nuns

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LONGLEGS: Teenagers Can go to a Parent-Free Screaming (Screening) in New York, This Friday, With Bloody Nuns
One of the things that we'd come to expect from the Alamo Drafthouse in its early days were excellent promotional screenings for horror and other genre flicks. There was something about having to walk through a room full of flies on the way to watch Amityville, or something like it. Founder Tim League bought a box of fly eggs for the occassion and waited too long to open the box. They'd all hatched so he literally opened a sealed box of live flies in a close room and it was hilariously catastrophic. Or, there was the time a handful of fans were buried then watched Buried.
As the franchise grew in size those kind of diminished or fell to the wayside but tomorrow in New York teenagers can sign up to attend an early evening screening of the R Rated horror flick Longlegs, at the Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn, without their parents.
How is this possible, for an R Rated film? They will be chaperoned. By bloody-faced nuns. You have to sign up at Longlegs@neonrated.com and do that right away. Anything else we say will take away time from you youngsters to sign up and watch an R Rated horror flick with bloody-faced nuns. Core memories will be made.
For every teenager’s dream to see an R-rated film without their parents, they will now get the chance to do so.  NEON announced today that, in partnership with the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Brooklyn, they will be giving people under the age of 17 the opportunity to ditch their guardians for one night on Friday, July 12th, and see the long awaited theatrical release of Osgood Perkins’ LONGLEGS. Parents can rest easy knowing their precious child will be chaperoned by bloody-faced nuns.
In order to attend the parentless screening, teens will need to RSVP at Longlegs@neonrated.com, and provide a signed permission slip to see the film unaccompanied by their guardian.
LONGLEGS, which has been called one of the “scariest films of the year,” was written and directed by Perkins (THE MONKEY, THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER), and stars Maika Monroe (IT FOLLOWS, THEY FOLLOW), Blair Underwood, Alicia Witt, and Nicolas Cage.
In pursuit of a serial killer, an FBI agent uncovers a series of occult clues that she must solve to end his terrifying killing spree.
The LONGLEGS campaign has been garnering intrigue since the first cryptic teasers were launched earlier this year. The campaign continued to build with multiple mysterious teaser trailers, posters and cipher messages in local newspapers. At the end of June, a billboard popped up in Los Angeles with a phone number, that, when dialed, the caller hears an unnerving message from Longlegs, played by Nicolas Cage.  The phone number received over 250,000 calls across the globe in the first 48 hours of being posted.
LONGLEGS opens nationwide on July 12th and is currently 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.
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