Marshy's Favourite Asian Movies of 2017 Part 1

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As we hit the halfway point of the year, it is time to look back over the past six months, specifically the cinematic offerings from Asia. This year’s crop of new releases has been a mixed bunch, with precious few standouts and far too many disappointments or half-baked efforts. We have been subjected to a pair of predictably sub-par Jackie Chan films (Railroad Tigers, Kungfu Yoga), an underwhelming crop of Chinese New Year blockbusters (Journey to the West 2), and even a drop in quality from Nikkatsu’s roman porno reboot project (White Lily and Dawn of the Felines).
But all is not lost. There is some wheat amongst the chaff. Below you will find a dozen Asian titles I felt deserved singling out for recognition. Other honourable mentions should go to Eiji Uchida’s Love and Other Cults, Yoshihro Nishimura’s Kodoku Meatball Machine and Yoji Yamada’s What a Wonderful Family! 2, but the line must be drawn somewhere. That said, what is missing? What have been the standouts of 2017 for you so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments - and check the links below for reviews of featured titles from the ScreenAnarchy team.

Antiporno (dir. Sion Sono, Japan)

After a string of misguided attempts to address feminism and the role of women in Japanese society, Sono comes close to making a point in this ambitious, visually ravishing and surprisingly intelligent entry in Nikkatsu’s roman porno reboot project. Ami Tomite plays a spoilt prima donna wrestling with nausea and self-doubt in a luridly fluorescent gilded cage. All is not what it seems however, and Sono broaches a number of topics relating to the Japanese cinema and his own role in the objectification of women.

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