THE VILLAINESS Trailer: Oh, My, Watch Out for the Broken Glass and Bones

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THE VILLAINESS Trailer: Oh, My, Watch Out for the Broken Glass and Bones

After debuting at the Cannes Film Festival last month, Korean action movie The Villainess is preparing for theatrical release in Asia -- and the trailer looks spectacular.

If you'd like the particulars, may I point you to our own Pierce Conran's review, which concluded:

The Villainess is a welcome antidote to the increasingly familiar and polished thrillers that Korea has become so adept at churning out, although one marred by a baffling storyline. Its deliberately overwrought melodrama offers a certain charm yet it surely could have benefited from a more streamlined revenge narrative à la John Wick, which would have left it all the time in the world to focus on blood, guts and careening vehicles.

That may all be true -- I agree with most of Pierce's opinions -- but I still gotta say: watch this trailer.

Next month, the film will be screening at festivals in Korea (BiFan), Canada (Fantasia) and the US (New York Asian). It's opening in theaters in Hong Kong right about now.

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CHUDJune 16, 2017 12:59 PM

I haven't seen Shin Ha-kyun in anything in a while, so it'll be fun to see him be a villain. The last thing I saw him in was The Thieves, and he was barely in that.

YojimboJune 16, 2017 1:57 PM

Like the use of FPS point of view to continue the kinetic action sequences.
Would like the Villainess and John Wick to cross paths in the Seoul Continental Hotel, maybe end up sitting at the same table as a bruised, confused Iko Uwais.

One-EyeJune 16, 2017 6:10 PM

I want all of this in my eye holes now!

Daniel ParedesJune 17, 2017 12:09 AM


ZetobeltJune 17, 2017 12:09 PM

I was waiting for this all my life :)

Andreas FJune 17, 2017 1:31 PM

Eye hole, right?

wabaliciousJune 19, 2017 7:20 AM

Looks insane, i want to see this asap!

Brad IndaskysJune 19, 2017 10:28 AM

Looks HOT! WANT!

Rimo FanyJune 20, 2017 6:52 AM

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