AnarchyVision: Cannes 2017 Press Conference Interviews

Contributor; Toronto, Canada (@filmfest_ca)

Out of any major film festival, the Cannes press conference is the one to go to. In a place where glamour rules and access to some of the stars requires running quite a gauntlet, it's in the press conference that a type of democracy (or at least meritocracy) takes place, where a phalanx of international press gets a chance to ask filmmakers and actors about their project minutes after it has first screened.

Collected here are a selection of this year's pressers with questions I got to ask a diversity of participants. Some answered honestly and in depth, others dodges, while most gamely tried to make the best of my sleep deprived querying and give the assembled journos content they could use.

The opening question of the opening press conference, with an icebreaker to query the jury about films they love and the festival they're helping shape. Almodovar, Smith and Chastain chime in.

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Cannes 2017

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