Camera Japan 2015: What The Rotterdam Audiences Liked Best

Editor, Europe; Rotterdam, The Netherlands (@ardvark23)
Last week saw the tenth iteration of Camera Japan, a Dutch yearly event which has grown into quite a Japanese culture festival, with the main focus on film. This year, its program had a whopping 51 films on it, all of which could be seen at the festival's start in Rotterdam.

Now, with the Rotterdam leg of the festival over, Camera Japan becomes a touring festival with a smaller selection of films, and will visit Amsterdam this weekend. But the crew has now counted the Rotterdam-based votes for all the films, and as this was the only location which had the full roster, here is the Rotterdam-based Top 10 of the festival!

Just click on the right side of the picture below to cycle trough the numbers ten to one...

And here is a look at the inside of the Rotterdam Lantaren Venster cinema, which housed Camera Japan last week. Food stalls provided plenty of candy, snacks and sake to keep everyone happy and fed, while musicians and other performance artists moved through the crowds.

Now click on the side of the picture, and check out the ten highest-rated films!

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