Fantasia 2015: First Wave of Titles Announced! TURBO KID! ANT MAN! MISS HOKUSAI! And Many More!

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They have dropped the capital "T" from the middle of the name for this years edition of Fantasia, which has long ago morphed from an Asian Fan Film festival (FanTasia, get it?) into the massive genre-film catchall mega-festival that it is today. Sitges in Spain and Fantasia in Montreal are the granddaddys in an ever increasing proliferation of genre focused film festivals around the world, and neither show any signs of slowing down from age.

This years edition of Fantasia runs from July 14 - August 4 and while they remain mum on the full and complete line-up for now, here is the first wave of titles, including Production I.G.'s Miss Hokusai, The 80s throw-back post apocalyptic adventure, Turbo Kid, MCU's Ant Man, anthology film Tales From Halloween, Hasum Eiichiro's Assassination Classroom, The Paz Brother's Jerzalem, Ho Choi's Crumbs and many more. Check out the gallery below:

Today the festival launched its first wave of titles including the opening night film, and the above poster. Click along for the first volley of Fantasia titles.

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