Full ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM Trailer Promises A Glossy Oddity

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Full ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM Trailer Promises A Glossy Oddity
Matsui Yusei's manga Assassination Classroom is every bit as odd as the premise suggests. The story of a bright yellow, octopus-like alien creature that arrives on Earth after having destroyed most of the moon and announces he will soon do the same to the Earth unless the classroom of students he himself teaches are able to kill him before the allotted date could really be nothing but odd, really. It's also proven very popular, both in manga and anime form and is now coming to the big screen in a live action adaptation helmed by Umizaru director Hasumi Eiichiro.

We ran the first teaser back in January and it has since been followed by a full trailer. We were a bit slow to pick up on this latest effort but, hey, it's here now and too gonzo to ignore. Check it out below.
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