Sundance 2015: ScreenAnarchy Wraps It Up With Our Reviews And Top Picks

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This year's Sundance Film Festival was eclectic as ever, with a slew of standout films, including big winners Me, Earl And The Dying Girl and The Witch. It was also a year where sales were more robust, no thanks to some near-recording setting numbers. We've got it all broken down for you in our festival wrap up below with links to our previews, reviews, and interviews and some of our thoughts on the festival's offerings from all of those who attended.

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BEST OF ENEMIES, A Vital Showcase On Media Iconoclasts by Jason Gorber
THE BRONZE Is Comedy Gold by Zach Gayne
COP CAR, A Cult Classic Waiting To Happen by Ryland Aldrich
The Holy Fools Are DRUNK, STONED, BRILLIANT, DEAD by Zach Gayne
ENTERTAINMENT, Seeking The Legendary Laugh To Masterful Effect by Ben Umstead
THE FORBIDDEN ROOM, Weird And Wonderful by Jason Gorber
H. Explores The Strange Dissonance Of Coupling by Ben Umstead
HELLIONS, A Monstrous Misstep by Ben Umstead
HOMESICK Charts A Tender Symmetry Of Yearning by Ben Umstead
KURT COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK, The Man Behind The Music And The Mania by Jason Gorber
LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT And The Closeness Of The Great Divide by Ben Umstead
ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, More Clever Than You Think by Jason Gorber
THE OVERNIGHT Goes There by Zach Gayne
PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS, Perfectly Pleasant by Jason Gorber
SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE Is Flocking Marvelous by James Marsh
Short Film Round-Up by Ben Umstead
SLOW WEST, A Deeply-Reflective Action Movie by Jason Gorber
Invaluable Happenings From STATION TO STATION by Zach Gayne
TANGERINE Pops With Verve And Vérité by Ben Umstead
THE END OF THE TOUR Beautifully Explores Our Creative Intellects by Ryland Aldrich
THINGS OF THE AIMLESS WANDERER, A World-Class Stunner by Ben Umstead
THE WITCH Will Leave You Haunted And Impressed by Ryland Aldrich
Z FOR ZACHARIAH, A Deeply Affecting Near-Future Parable by Jason Gorber

DIGGING FOR FIRE With Joe Swanberg by Zach Gayne
Lily Tomlin, Badass GRANDMA by Zach Gayne
Bruce McDonald, Chloe Rose, and Robert Patrick on HELLIONS' Bad Moon Rising by Zach Gayne
Jemaine Clement And James Strouse Talk PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS by Jason Gorber

Ryland Aldrich, Zach Gayne and contributed to this story.

What was your overall favorite film?

Ben Umstead - I've got a three way on my hands: The absurd odyssey Entertainment, the high-pop of Tangerine, and the spectacular Things Of The Aimless Wanderer left me delighted and bewildered. 2015 is off to a great start with these three stunners.

Ryland Aldrich - It was an abbreviated fest for me, but there were no shortage of great films I managed to see. However the one film I walked away from Park City knowing would end up on my Top 10 of 2015 in 11 months is James Ponsoldt's excellent The End of the Tour.

Jason Gorber - I had a pretty terrific year of films, with only a few stinkers to mar the fun (looking at you, The Bronze). The film that I think needs all the love it can get is Z for Zachariah. It's a stunningly elegant film that has a quiet and subtle nature that I fear will be overlooked by some. Star power should help bring people to it, but given that it requires some contemplation to bring out its depths I think it could use some champions. I also adored Me & Earl & The Dying Girl, as well as Slow West

Zach Gayne - Given that the week was chock-full of mind blowing stories and images, this is a very tough call. Part of me wants to shout out Patrick Brice's deliciously shocking satire of open-minded, 'evolved' LA couples, The Overnight.

The other part of me is still reeling from Rick Alverson's Enterianment, the surreal odyssey of The Comedian, an off colour 'entertainer', whose own life is so bleak, to call it comical is to have a darkly grim outlook on the definition of funny. Full of mesmerizing imagery, Entertainment is a challenging work that viscerally deconstructs the concept of entertainment value.

I can't wait to re-experience both films upon their theatrical release. Shall we call it a tie?

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