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Cannes 2023 Review: LÉGUA, A Sensory Experience of Time and Life

Filmmakers Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra delicately weave together a rich tapestry of simple human experiences amidst social transformation.

Review: THE TSUGUA DIARIES, Perfect Antidote in Our Trying Times

Crista Alfaiate, Carloto Cotta, João Nunes Monteiro star in a Portuguese-language drama, aka 'Diários de Otsoga,' directed by Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes.

New York 2021 Review: THE TSUGUA DIARIES, Coping with Covid Lockdown

Wryly reflecting the nature of 'expect the unexpected' in both life and filmmaking, Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes create a delightful little summer movie.

Now Streaming: VITALINA VARELA, Another Masterpiece By Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa's latest masterwork is stunning to behold and is now streaming on The Criterion Channel, as part of a new collection of five of his films.

Review: VITALINA VARELA Gives Its Inhabitants the Poeticism They Deserve

Director Pedro Costa's film is stunning to behold.

New York 2019 Review: VITALINA VARELA, A Hauntingly Beautiful Immigrant Song

As usual, the film is stunning to look at. Every frame is a work of art. Greatly aided by Leonardo Simões' cinematography and João Gazua and Hugo Leitão's sound work, the film gives the lives of its inhabitants the poeticism they deserve.

Review: DIAMANTINO, The Charming, Surreal, Journey Into the Life of a Man

Imagine you are the world's greatest soccer player. You create art with the way you move your feet, the way you touch the ball; it's like a dance that inspires tears of joy in the eyes of anyone who watches...

Poster and Trailer: ALVA, Man on a Very Quiet Run for His Life

Recently premiering at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Alva is a 'man on the run' story with a very quiet approach, at least judging by the trailer. The festival's description is equally elusive: "Henrique is a terse Portuguese smallholder who lives...

Locarno 2017 Review: 9 FINGERS Turns Noir into Expressionism, Delusional Ramblings Into Existential Poetry and Vice Versa

In an amalgam of different styles governed by punk's no holds barred attitude, French underground filmmaker manifests sensibility for the history of cinema and unlikely pairings

Locarno 2017 Review: DAMNED SUMMER, Shoestring-Budget Filmmaking at Its Most Earnest

Emerging Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Cabeleira introduces his feature debut Damned Summer revolving around youth mired in hedonism, psychedelia and poor future prospects in an example of shoestring-budget filmmaking

Fantasporto 2017 Review: THE FOREST OF LOST SOULS

José Pedro Lopes' slasher flick presents a contemporary psycho killer against an art house backdrop

Miguel Gomes On Desires And Fears And People In The ARABIAN NIGHTS Trilogy

The gargantuan-sized Arabian Nights, presented in three 2-hour volumes, has been playing festivals around the world and rolling out commercially as well. The second part of the trilogy is even Portugal's submission for the Best Foreign Language Oscar. When I...

Portuguese Animation Gets MACABRE

Portuguese director Jeronimo Rocha has become a great favorite here at ScreenAnarchy thanks to a string of absolutely fabulous short films and festival bumpers created for major genre events around the globe. And it was back in October of 2014...

ARCANA: Watch The Gorgeously Grim Teaser For Jeronimo Rocha's Short

How unsettling can thirty nine seconds possibly be? In the hands of Jeronimo Rocha, the answer is 'very'.The Portuguese director first came to our attention here with his scifi / horror short Dedalo - now being developed into a feature...

Review: HORSE MONEY, Beautiful, Mesmerizing, And Striking

Horse Money is astonishingly beautiful in its visual poetry! Pedro Costa, who wanted to capture the life in Lisbon's ghetto area called Fontainhas in the late 90s, made a beautiful film called Bones (Ossos). During the shoot, he saw much...

Berlinale 2015 Review: IEC LONG, A Haunting Exploration Of Macau's Lost Firecracker Industry

Chinese rockets explode in front of our curious eyes, and disappear in the black clouds of a nocturnal sky. The past haunts our ruins, overlapping times consisting of moving photographs and still film images. An old man has worked in...

New York 2014 Review: Exorcising The Past in HORSE MONEY

Horse Money is astonishingly beautiful in its visual poetry! Pedro Costa, who wanted to capture the life in Lisbon's ghetto area called Fontainhas in the late 90s, made a beautiful film called Bones (Ossos). During the shoot, he saw much...

Watch An Impressive Teaser For Portuguese SciFi Horror DEDALO

While Portugal has never particularly been a hotbed for either science fiction or horror - though I am quite fond of early 2000's horror effort Coisa Ruim - director Jeronimo Rocha may very well change that. He's certainly giving it...

MOTELx 2013: OPEN GRAVE, YOU'RE NEXT Bookend Incredible Lineup At Lisbon Fest

The 7th edition of MOTELx, the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, begins its five-day cinematic blitzkrieg today, bringing 80 feature and short films from near and far to a horror-ravenous audience. If this morning's 11 a.m. line outside the historic...

Interview: Miguel Gomes Talks TABU And The State Of Portuguese Cinema

Tabu, a film that playfully evokes the golden age of silent cinema, took home the FIPRESCI Jury Prize and Alfred Baeur Prize for Artistic Innovation at this year's Berlin Film Festival. Its director, Miguel Gomes, along with Pedro Costa, Manoel...