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Rotterdam 2023 Review: PLAYLAND, Queer History Made Uncanny

Queer history is something of a bricolage: it's only been in recent years that much of it has been discovered, or perhaps more accurately, made public, as so often queer lives and their infinite variety had to be kept hidden...

Rotterdam 2021 Review: THE WITCHES OF THE ORIENT Celebrates and Experiments With Sports Proficiency

Julien Faraut's 2018 documentary In the Realm of Perfection worked with the recorded footage of a sporting event to speak about philosophy, image creation, editing and the impetus behind proficient sportsmen and women like John McEnroe, the "protagonist" of the...

Rotterdam Online: IFFR Offers 14-Hour-Long Anthology Film LA FLOR to Watch For Free

One film, six different stories, style and genres, and four actresses in Mariano Llinás' epic work.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: NASIR, Stoicism in the Time of Assertive Hindu Nationalism

Tamil indie filmmaker Arun Karthick offers first-hand observations on the impact of Hindu nationalism.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: MEANWHILE ON EARTH, Art and Rites of the Funeral Industry

Carl Olsson's spellbinding documentary blends the banal, the comic and the pragmatic.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: THE GHOSTS, Rags, No Riches in Guatemalan Docudrama

Marvin Navas and Carlos Morales El Punisher star, as filmmaker Sebastián Lojo applies neo-noir lenses to a socio-economic docudrama.

Rotterdam 2020 Interview: Fest Director Bero Beyer Talks Indie Cinema in the Age of Streamers

"It´s a rigged game," IFFR director says, on the situation of independent cinema in the era of constant transformations.

Rotterdam 2019 Review: TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE Takes Different Route Than Usual Eastern European Arthouse Fare

The feature debut of Bosnian-bornm Amsterdam-based Ena Sendijarević goes against the conventions of Eastern European dramas.

Rotterdam 2019 Review: SONS OF DENMARK, The Front Row of Extremism Collides in Neo-Noir Thriller

Emerging Danish director Ulaa Salim debuts with a Scandi neo-noir thriller on the verge of political and social issues.

Rotterdam 2019 Interview: Fest Director Bero Beyer Talks Independent Cinema and IFFR

IFFR director Bero Beyer talks about the mercurial landscape of contemporary independent cinema.

Rotterdam 2019: DIRTY GOD Clip - Nice Monster

Set to enjoy its world premiere on the opening night of the International Film Festival Rotterdam -- that's tonight! -- is Dirty God, directed by Sacha Polak. And the fact that it is also scheduled to have its U.S. premiere...

Rotterdam 2019: Heads-Ups And Recommendations

The International Film Festival Rotterdam opens its 2019 edition today, meaning that for a week-and-a-half, my home town will be mostly dedicated to films. The yearly fest is the largest cultural event in the Netherland in ticket sales, and...

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: "Out-of-the-Norm Family Was an Important Part of Our Story" Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra Discuss Heart-Warming Fantasy Horror Musical GOOD MANNERS

"We're aware of the so-called "elevated genre" discussion, but we always treated this aspect of the film with love, and not as an opposition of regular drama" Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra on Good Manners

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: WILD BOYS, Bertrand Mandico on Shooting Gender-Bending Surreal Film

"I create hybrids, sexual and cinematic" French filmmaker talks to ScreenAnarchy about his daring feature debut Wild Boys

PIN CUSHION: Trailer Premiere For The Quirky Acclaimed Drama

Director Deborah Haywood has won a lot of love for her quirky outsider drama Pin Cushion, including in these very pages. And with its festival tour continuing with a stop at the International Film Festival Rotterdam just around the corner,...

Rotterdam 2017 Review: Social Satire A DECENT WOMAN Conjures Up Anarchism From A Nudistic Swinger Club

A Decent Woman marries European formalism to Latin American temperament in a social satire embracing anarchism and clothes-optional policy

Rotterdam 2017 Review: STILL NIGHT, STILL LIGHT (MES NUITS FERONT ÉCHO), A Dreamy, Daring Debut

One of the reasons we watch films is to see if we can unearth something of ourselves in others' work. In this way it is a search for kindred spirits across strange and distant lands that fall so close to...

QUALITY TIME: A Slice Of Arthouse Oddity In Trailer For Rotterdam Selected Film

Here's the thing about the International Film Festival Rotterdam and why it's one of our favorites. While skewing very definitely towards the arthouse end of the spectrum (which is not at all a bad thing) they also have a very...

Rotterdam 2017 Reveals Its Complete Line-up And Schedule

As we all careen into the second half of January already, it means we won't have to wait long before this year's International Film Festival Rotterdam begins. And indeed, yesterday the festival revealed its entire schedule on-line. Ticket sales will...

Interview: NOTES ON BLINDNESS Directors Discuss Their Tribute To Blind Theologian John Hull

James Spinney and Peter Middleton's Notes on Blindness isn't just an incredible homage to blind theologian John Hull (who sadly died in 2015), the documentary is also a very profound demonstration of the incredible work he did in making a...