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Notes on Streaming: Enjoy a Sampler Trio by Hong Sang-soo

All on the Criterion Channel: 'The Day He Arrives,' 'On the Beach At Night Alone' and 'Claire's Camera.'

Notes on Streaming: Electrifying HORROR NOIRE, Problematic WHITE DRAGON

Also: 'Chungking Express' on the new Criterion Channel.

Notes on Streaming: Good News, No News and Things That Make Me Wonder

Good news for Criterion, no news for FilmStruck, and studios producing films directly for streaming services makes me wonder.

Notes on Streaming: The Death of FilmStruck

Subscription streaming service FilmStruck is shutting down on November 29, as first reported by Variety. For some subscribers, including myself, it feels like a death in the family. Announced in April 2016 as a partnership between Turner Classic Movies and...