Friday One Sheet: ASTEROID CITY

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Friday One Sheet: ASTEROID CITY

Earlier, a trio of character posters was released for Wes Anderson's latest, Asteroid City. They are all very similar, with the Pantone-teal sky and rocket-man in the background.

I will focus on the one that has Scarlett Johansson kitted out in mid-century modern fashion, if only because the overall look, cocktail in hand, crook of the elbow, raised black hairdo and smiling off into the middle distance exudes an effortless cool and optimism. Something that, judging by the trailer, is at tension here.

The artificial sky colour, the huge title card, in quotations no less, and the emphasis of test (even with its highly truncated credit block), all give off a, well, vibe that make these stand out from your regular run-of-the-mill key art.

The cut-and-paste rocket man almost spoils the broth, but given Anderson's predilection for having characters in the background of his frame, peek back into the frame, it seems on point. Either way, it accentuates the fussy artifice that the director is known, loved, or dismissed for.


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