Friday One Sheet: TENET (Re-Release)

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Friday One Sheet: TENET (Re-Release)

Apologies for two re-releases in a row, however, this new key art for Christopher Nolan's Tenet is so, so good. This Saul Bass inspired free fall from design house B O N D is a country mile (forwards or backwards) ahead of the original poster.

A clear homage to Vertigo, perhaps akin to the experience that many felt trying to make sense of Tenet's rather unique structure and style.

Due to the massive box-office of Universal's Oppenheimer, Warner Brothers is capitalizing on the moment to bring Tenet back to the theatres for a week in large format engagements. This time, they got the one sheet right.  Now the red and blue colour gradients echo the chamber that swaps forward and reverse time, as well as the two 'team' colours that build the gonzo climax of the film.

For a film of this scope and magnitude, few people saw it in IMAX, or in regular sized screens for that matter, during its peak COVID-19 release, where Warners dumped it in part on the streaming service HBO Max. Love it or hate it, Tenet does not deserve to be watched on a tablet or iPhone. 


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