Friday One Sheet: FLORIDA MAN

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Friday One Sheet: FLORIDA MAN

Well these are a lot of fun, and they popped up online mere minutes after this column was published last week. Better late than never. Florida Man appears to be a kind of Midnight Run caper, set in the craziness of the Sunshine State. (You may know better at this point, as the limited series debuted last week on Netflix; perhaps you have already partaken.)

Netflix's in-house graphic-design team have whipped up this series of hand-drawn posters in the style of 20th-century pulp-novel series. Not all of them are winners (See "CORN") but there is a kind of assembly-line, lowest-common-denominator aspect of these designs (with a side of naughtiness) that just hits the of nostalgic sweet spot. To these eyes, at least -- simpler days, perhaps.

Also, wouldn't it be fun if these were lining the corridors of your local cinema? They will not look as good on your phone; they demand ink and frames.

Either way, enjoy them below.



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