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Boston Underground Film Festival: First Wave Includes REVENGE, PIN CUSHION, LIQUID SKY & More!

A shining beacon of the weird, the wonderful, the nasty, the niche, and the eclectic, Boston Underground Film Festival returns for its 20th edition next month, and has announced its first wave of feature titles. I had the great pleasure...

Boston Underground 2017 Review: BITCH, A Hilarious and Vicious Bite at the Patriarchy

I doubt you would ever meet a woman who couldn't tell you about how, on a near daily basis, she must endure being dismissed, ignored or mistrusted by men. According to many, we are oversensitive, we exaggerate, we just 'need...

Boston Underground 2017 Review: FRAUD, A Twisted Look at Capitalism and the Public Image

What exactly do we mean when we say a film is a documentary? Do you mean a strict definition, in that a film is depicting or investing something that happened in reality? Or does it mean showing us things from...

Boston Underground 2017: The Shorts. The Lovely, Bloody, Weird, Scary, and Funny Shorts

Okay. Our apologies to the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF) for our tardiness in getting to this announcement about the lineup of awesome short films playing at their 19th annual festival. But if you think about it, sending out a...

Boston Underground 2017 Final Wave: A DARK SONG, FRAUD, A LIFE IN WAVES, MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND & More

Boston Underground 2017 released their final demented wave yesterday, and the delights are many --- rejoice, weirdos! We'll have death insurance dealers, music pioneers, Hollywood dog groomers, undocumented immigrants, Irish charlans, American con artists, and of course, an array of...

Boston Underground 2017 First Wave: BITCH, PREVENGE, 68 KILL, THE VOID, TRINITY & More!

The weirdos at the Boston Underground Film Festival (Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA, March 22 - 26) unleashed its first wave of programming for its 19th year today --- and the selections are FANTASTIC. Features include previous BUFF alums, such as...

Boston Underground 2017: Call For Entries For Next Year's Festival

Golly, we are only half way through 2016 and those fine folks down at the Boston Underground Film Festival are already issuing a call for entries for their upcoming 19th annual festival. The festival runs next March, from the 22nd...

Boston Underground's Second Wave Includes WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL, STARRY EYES, More

Lest we forget there are other film festivals in March, the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF) has unleashed its second wave of titles for its 16th, running March 26 - 30 at The Brattle Theatre. And it's a dynamite bunch...

Boston Underground's First Wave Includes THE CONGRESS, BLUE RUIN, More

The Boston Underground Film Festival (aka BUFF) has distinguished itself as one of the best regional genre exhibition fests in the country. The first wave of programming for the 16th annual fest hit today and it is already packed with...