Pretty Packaging: Curzon's RUBEN ÖSTLUND Boxset May Cost You Friends

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When I put up an article like this last week for British distributor Curzon's boxset of movies by Lars Von Trier, I mentioned they had released several other boxsets as well. In fact, I was planning to link that article to one about their boxset of six Ruben Östlund films, but to my chagrin I discovered I hadn't written it yet. Thankfully the set, though numbered to a mere 1000 pieces, is still available, so I have time to remedy that!

Like the Lars Von Trier boxset, Curzon's release of Östland's films is prettily packaged in a stylish slipcase which looks like embossed coarse burlap fabric. So why put up a separate article if the sets look so similar? Well... this one has some pretty funny content. To be more specific, there is a card game included, endorsed by Ruben Östland himself, which is a hoot. It's all about making you socially uncomfortable, and we would expect no less from the director of Force Majeure, The Square and Triangle of Sadness (all included in this set as well).

So here is a gallery of shots. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, or at the center of each to see a bigger version.

The outer box, a big one.

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