Friday One Sheet: WHEN EVIL LURKS

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Friday One Sheet: WHEN EVIL LURKS

No point beating around the bush on this one, California's Mocean design house goes full on distressed red sky and deep black shadows for slow burn Argentinian possession horror, When Evil Lurks.

The tagline, "There is no point in praying" is a superb bit of copy, and accompanying the discombobulating image of a woman on her knees with an axe, facing the wrong way. Note the wind (always a power thing in horror and in cinema in general, is moving her hair about - standing up on end, in fact.

This image does flirt with spoiling the films second best gag (the first-best one is an even stunner), but you cannot argue with the power and suggestion of that image, which mirrors the film perfectly. 

Meanwhile, the genre circuit is well represented in the series of top tier festivals (Mack reviewed the film at this years TIFF Midnight Madness screening) in the dirt as it were, along with the crimson credit block which is far more about aesthetic than actual legibility. 

The design has the good sense to leave out clutter off the red field, and a small director credit below; which somehow avoided the blood drippings on the chunky serif'd font. The only other feature is a barb wire fence, which is an indicator of a rural open space, and that there is no escape here. The film delivers on both those fronts.


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