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Friday One Sheet: WHEN EVIL LURKS

No point beating around the bush on this one, California's Mocean design house goes full on distressed red sky and deep black shadows for slow burn Argentinian possession horror, When Evil Lurks. The tagline, "There is no point in praying" is...

CENSOR Interview: Prano Bailey-Bond Talks Video Nasties and Horror As a Cathartic Experience

Director Prano Bailey-Bond's acclaimed horror film is now streaming on Hulu.

Now On Blu-ray: Frederick Friedel's AXE And KIDNAPPED COED Given New Life By Severin Films

Let me give it to you straight. Before Severin Films announced their Blu-ray double feature of Frederick Friedel's Axe (Lisa, Lisa) and Kidnapped Coed (The Kidnap Lovers), I had never heard of the films or the filmmaker. I don't think I'm...