Friday One Sheet: THE MIDDLE MAN

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Friday One Sheet: THE MIDDLE MAN

I remain committed to showcasing key art that makes good use of textured wallpaper. In this case, the poster is for a Canadian/Norwegian production from deadpan director Bent Hamer. Hamer's films are difficult to describe, oddball dramas, subtle comedies, ultra-niche subjects; however, they are full of delightful observations about people. 

Here the image of a pressed suit is the showcase for an accident-plagued town that hires a "Middle Man" to break bad news to a resident's family in the case of injury or death. While there is a superb mixture of Canadian, Norwegian and Danish talent in this English language film, the poster designer opted for the striking image of an anonymous black suit as the singular image, with unfussy block yellow text, and an astute, but corny tagline (in white) to indicate that this is, indeed, a comedy.

We have included the excellent trailer for the film below the key art. The Middle Man will make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.


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