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Tallinn 2020 Review: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and ENFANT TERRIBLE

Oskar Roehler portrays the tortured genius in an unrestrained biopic about Rainer Werner Fassbinder

New York 2020 Review: UNDINE, Folklore Gets Fresh Makeover in Beguiling Christian Petzold Romance

Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski star in director Christian Petzold's reinvention of a mythical water creature story that parallels the history of the city of Berlin.

New York 2020 Review: NOTTURNO, Legacy of Colonialism in the Middle East

Directed by Gianfranco Rosi ('Sacro GRA,' 'Fire at Sea'), the documentary is biting and enormously affecting.

Review: Criterion Rediscovers THE LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM

Volker Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta's tense German political thriller gets a much-needed high-definition upgrade.

Review: 7500 Delivers a Story Unworthy of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Talents

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in director Patrick Vollrath's thriller, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Now Streaming: SYNONYMS, Hilarious, Poignant, Filled With Manic Energy

Tom Mercier, Quentin Dolmaire, and Louise Chevillotte star in director Nadav Lapid's film, now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

Franco Nero in Exclusive THE COLLINI CASE Clip: Bloody Footprints

You had me at Franco Nero. If you need more than that, here's a quick description drawn from the official synopsis: 'Lawyer Caspar Leinen (Elyas M'Barek) is confronted with a spectacular case when he is appointed by the court to...

INTRIGO: DEAR AGNES Trailer Dives Into Marital Malice and Murder

Gemma Chan, Carla Juri, and Jamie Sives star in the mystery thriller, directed by Daniel Alfredson.

HAVEN: ABOVE SKY: Roland Emmerich Re-Teams with Tim Fehlbaum for Sci-Fi Thriller

It looks like Roland Emmerich has re-teamed with German director Tim Fehlbaum on a science fiction thriller called Haven: Above Sky. Some research into the title shows that it's been in post-production since early 2019, but there is good pedigree...

Review: I WAS AT HOME, BUT..., The Best Kind of Cinema

Director Angela Schanelec's take on the effects of grief might be less inscrutable than her previous film, 'The Dreamed Path,' but that doesn't make it any less challenging.

Interview: Angela Schanelec on I WAS AT HOME, BUT...

It's never about interpretation, it's never about meaning, it's never about where we are going. Maren doesn't ask these because films are not about where we are going. (laughs) It's about a scene. Then another scene.

Now Streaming: FOUR HANDS, Exacting Vengeance Swirls Out of Control

Frida-Lovisa Hamann and Friederike Becht star in writer/director Oliver Kienle's tricky psychological thriller.

Now Streaming: LUZ, Fractured Narrative, Disturbingly Precise

Tilman Singer's tale possesses Shudder.

Review: Terrence Malick's A HIDDEN LIFE Beguiles and Begets

Drawn from real-life, Terrence Malick directs a gorgeous film in his own inimitable style.

Review: LITTLE JOE, Plants Are Smarter Than They Look

If I Lost My Body presents happiness as a hard-won emotion and the search for wholeness as a potentially lifelong struggle then, by comparison, Jessica Hausner’s Palme d’Or contender [at the Cannes Film Festival] Little Joe questions how far we might...

Creepy LITTLE JOE Trailer Promises Pollen Relief Via Thriller

Personally, I hate pollen. This is because I have been suffering from the effects of a pollen allergy for nearly two months, this year alone, and I have been plagued by this allergy for years. Yet now there is a...

SYNONYMS Interview: Nadav Lapid on Israeli Identity, Art of Persuasion, and Actor Tom Mercier

Synonyms, Nadav Lapid's semi-autobiographical film about a young Israeli man struggling with his country's identity, won him many accolades this year, including the Golden Bear at the Berlinale. The film is greatly aided by its fearless star Tom Mercier. I...

New York 2019 Review: Grief and Human Folly in Angela Schanelec's I WAS AT HOME, BUT...

A puzzle piece that is never solvable, we instead concentrate on gestures and details inside the frame, in compensation for the lack of dialogue. It's that fragmentary images and colors that we play around our heads long after we leave the theater to make sense of it. Even more so than Godard's, Schanelec's cinema concentrates on the 'visual' part of the medium. It is the best kind of cinema I can think of.

Review: LUZ, A Stylish Experiment in Seduction and Possession

A demon or some kind of evil entity travels from a Chilean boarding school to a German Police station to ensnare the woman it desires to possess. The simplicity of this basic story kernel belies the stylish and convoluted manner...

Notes on Streaming: Repellent KIDNAPPING STELLA Removes Reason for Existence

Max von der Groeben, Jella Haase and Clemens Schick star in Thomas Sieben's repugnant, would-be thriller.