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(Good) Friday One Sheet: HUMANE

Curious timing on the Christian calendar for today’s column. We are not at the resurrection yet on Good Friday, only the sacrifice, and the death-heavy poster for Humane shows that.   Perfect ordered body bags, in an neutral grey setting, suggest...

Friday One Sheet: MOTHER SAIGON (Má Sài Gòn)

Quebec/Vietnamese filmmaker Khoa Lê's documents a portrait of the LGBTQ+ in modern Vietnam in Má Sài Gòn (Mother Saigon). The hazy orange and pink key art offers its own kind of public intimacy, and sends out a strong core visual on...

Toronto 2023 Review: FINGERNAILS, Love (And Cinema) Fails By Playing It Safe

It is a solid time-wasting (and futile) exercise looking at couples and making a judgement call if they are ‘right for one another.’ Or to guess if they will ‘last.’ In my family, it is kind of a sport. Well...

POLARIS Review: The Birth of Mythology Through the Eyes of a Resilient Savior

There is magic at play in Kirsten Carthew's Polaris.   It is set the year 2144. Earth has been ravaged and sent back to another ice age, one where the fish bleed green blood.   Pockets of survivors eke out...

Locarno 2023 Review: MADEMOISELLE KENOPSIA, Exploring Melancholy of Abandoned Spaces

Canadian auteur Denis Côté and actress Larissa Corriveau craft an evocative experience of solitude and space that invites a deeper exploration of both in the director's latest work.

SATAN WANTS YOU Interview: Sean Horlor and Steve J. Adams Talk Moral Panics

Moral panics have been with us as a species since time immemorial. From the persecution of European pagans at the end of the Roman empire in the Fourth Century, to the Salem witch trials in New England in the 17th...

Fantasia 2023: Raising the Curtain on North America's Largest Genre Festival

The Fantasia International Film Festival runs from July 20 to August 9 this year in Montreal. It's epic length is lovingly referred to by long time attendees as a 'summer camp for genre nerds.' Given that it runs for weeks...

Calgary Underground 2023: BLACKBERRY Review

In the wild west days of nascent “smart phone” technology, the phrase convergence was tossed around a lot, where your computer, your phone and your personal digital assistant, would merge into one device. A small company, whose building was located...

BLACKBERRY Trailer: Jay Baruchel And Glenn Howerton Star in Matt Johnson's Latest

‘BlackBerry’ tells the story of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, the two men that charted the course of the spectacular rise and catastrophic demise of the world’s first smartphone.   Matt Johnson's BlackBerry is coming exclusively to theaters on May...

Review: SLASH/BACK, Four Teenage Girls vs. Aliens

Tasiana Shirley, Alexis Vincent-Wolfe, Nalajoss Ellsworth and Chelsea Prusky star in a film directed by Nyla Innuksuk that explains why teenage girls rule the world.

Review: BANDIT, Robbing Banks For Fun and Profit

Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert, Nestor Carbonell and Mel Gibson star in the amiable tale of a record-breaking bank robber, directed by Allan Ungar.

Locarno 2022 Review: BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND Embraces Tired Tropes, Then Reenergizes Them

From Canada comes director Trevor Anderson's coming-of-age comedy, starring Vaughan Murrae.

Fantasia 2022 Preview: POLARIS Kicks Off Giddy Genre Movie Celebration

Even before I began contributing to this site in 2005, I heard about Fantasia International Film Festival. Founded in Montreal, Canada, in 1996, the sprawling festival is the grandfather of all genre-film festivals in North American, and has unleashed untold...

Now on Home Video: NEON LIGHTS, When a Family Retreat Turns Deadly

"Are you having dark thoughts, Clay?" The trailer for Canadian thriller Neon Lights certainly looks promising. The story itself involves a family reunion in a large, spacious home with many rooms, some with quite distinctive lighting. My colleague Andrew Mack...

Review: FIRE OF LOVE, A Jaw-Dropping Love Story

Directed by Sara Dosa, the film accentuates the story of two lovers who shared the same passion, and lived and died together. See it on the big screen.

Friday One Sheet: POLARIS

This rough and tumble design for Kirsten Carthew's eco-action 'raised by bears' picture exudes all kinds of gritty energy. The muted high-grain image centers on lead Viva Lee in helmeted glory, screaming at the world. It drops the credit block...

Now Streaming: PREMONITIONS, Some Gifts Are Not

Pascale Bussières, Sophie Desmarais, Mikhaïl Ahooja and Jade Charbonneau star in a supernaturally charged dramatic series, now streaming on MHz Choice.

Have Your Say: CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, New David Cronenberg

Opening today in North American movie theaters, Crimes of the Future is a new film by David "Mr. Canada" Cronenberg. In celebration, we've been looking back at his distinguished career this week. Shelagh Rowan-Legg reviewed the film last week, in...

Celebrating David Cronenberg: The Last Decade

From 'A Dangerous Method' to 'Cosmopolis' to 'Maps to the Stars.'

Celebrating David Cronenberg: A New Century

From 'Spider' to 'A History of Violence' to 'Eastern Promises.'