Friday One Sheet: TITANE

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Friday One Sheet: TITANE

An almost 'street art' design for Julia Ducournau's sophomore feature, Titane, debuting at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, features a mixture of haute couture and body horror, in high contrast 'club lighting' colours.

Using nearly all the poster real estate on Agathe Rouselle's visage and profile, while revealing surgical scars/tattoos in a harsh orange/pink alongside the L O V E tattoo and manicured fingernails, and copious chunky jewelry, including a very wide hoop earring, which further draws the eye to the lower centre of the poster. The tinted portrait pops off the blue gradient, and further still compliments the blocky, no-fuss, lemon-lime title card. Strands of hair arcing over the title further highlight the colour variation. It is a nice touch.

Further down, the credit block is widened to fit between Rouselle's shoulders, and is in the same blue colour as the background.

This is a poster, designed by Paris outfit, Silenzio (hopefully this is a David Lynch reference to Mulhollland Drive's night-club slash portal to the subconscious) that screams confrontation -- fans of Ducournau's previous film, Raw, can certainly confirm this director's presentation mode -- with a splash of confidence. Also, American distributor Neon continues to promote their films with a great degree of style and panache.


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