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Now Streaming: ISKANDER: SHADOW OF THE RIVER, Murder Most Foul

Stéphane Caillard and Adama Niane star in a French-language crime thriller.

ScreenAnarchy's Top Ten Films of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, ScreenAnarchy’s global team of critics and cineastes weighs in with our favourite cinematic offerings from the past 12 months, which saw Netflix lead the charge for cementing the legitimacy of the streaming platforms, while...

Friday One Sheet: PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE is all Paint & Flames

Neon consistently put out exceptional, thoughtful, and laser-focused key art for their releases. Their beautifully minimal one-sheet for Cannes sensation, A Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, is one of their best. Designer Akiko Stehrenberger is fond of the polaroid...

A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART Trailer: Bruising Noir Seeks Redemption

Among the many reasons that I enjoy Shudder, the streaming service, is that they have expanded well beyond horror titles and feature a great variety of genre films. And here's an excellent example. From all appearances, A Bluebird in My...

SYNONYMS Interview: Nadav Lapid on Israeli Identity, Art of Persuasion, and Actor Tom Mercier

Synonyms, Nadav Lapid's semi-autobiographical film about a young Israeli man struggling with his country's identity, won him many accolades this year, including the Golden Bear at the Berlinale. The film is greatly aided by its fearless star Tom Mercier. I...

Interview: Fabrice du Welz Talks About First Love and His New Film ADORATION

For over 15 years, Belgian director Fabrice du Welz has been thrilling and challenging audiences with his transgressive genre features like Calvaire and Alléluia. With his latest film, Adoration, he explores the coming of age of 12-year-old Paul (Thomas Gioria),...

Now on Blu-ray: THE RETURNED S2, The Dead Still Don't Want Brains

The French series continues to plunge into the mysteries of the living dead.

New York 2019 Review: ATLANTICS, A Ghost Story with Female Solidarity Twist

Expertly weaving the current headlines of marine disasters and the ghost story with the female solidarity twist, 'Atlantics' has all the right ingredient to be a success story of a small art film breakthrough, recalling 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.'

New York 2019: Bertrand Bonello's ZOMBI CHILD Is a Warning to White Folks: Don't Mess with Voodoo

'Zombi Child' digs deeper into hasty western appropriation of everything non-European, non-Anglo American culture. It disregards the cultural, historical, ethnographical significance of the origins of a zombie in exchange for sensationalism. Narcisse's journey back home is more interesting story here.

New York 2019 Review: OH MERCY!, Arnaud Desplechin's LAW AND ORDER

Certainly different from any other Desplechin film I have watched over the years, but no less intriguing. The love he has for his hometown and its inhabitants are undoubtedly palpable. Desplechin is a master storyteller and humanist. The film is a very moving experience.

New York 2019 Review: Identity Crisis in Nadav Lapid's SYNONYMS

The film works, thanks largely to Tom mercier's physical as well as verbal, at times verging on slapstick level on both counts. The film is often hilarious and at times poignant and filled with manic energy. Shai Goldman's handheld camera work is aces also.

New York 2019 Review: Night of Sexual Indulgence in Albert Serra's LIBERTÉ

Like most of Serra's work, there is a hint of parody in these shenanigans. I mean, it's actors in wigs stroking themselves in the woods in a movie called 'freedom'. I think with Liberté, Serra reached the new height in his formalist approach to costume dramas.

L'Etrange 2019 Review: BLOOD MACHINES, Naked Ambition in Space

Elisa Lasowski, Anders Heinrichsen, and Christian Erickson star in Seth Ickerman's strange sci-fi odyssey, filled with arresting images.

L'Etrange 2019: Celebrating Rosto With RERUNS, Plus So Much More

The French film festival is presenting a lovely array of the weird and wonderful.

Venice 2019 Review: MADRE Takes Short To Feature From 0-100 MPH

With a background mostly in Spanish TV, and more recently features, writer-director Rodrigo Sorogoyen is a man who definitely knows how to grab your attention. Unlike me, you shouldn't write off this Spanish-French coproduction simply because of its painfully unoriginal...

Now Streaming: EERIE, KRASUE: INHUMAN KISS, GIRLS WITH BALLS, Screaming in Tongues

Horror films from The Philippines, Thailand and France take very different approaches to their monstrous subjects.

Notes on Streaming: THE WOLF'S CALL (LE CHANT DU LOUP), Crackling French Submarine Thriller

t's the end of the world as we know it, and the French military must stop it.

Cannes 2019 Review: ALL ABOUT YVES, New French Burlesque and the Age of AI

What would you get if you crossed the talking toaster from 'Red Dwarf,' 'Twilight Zone' and '8 Mile'?

Review: DIAMANTINO, The Charming, Surreal, Journey Into the Life of a Man

Imagine you are the world's greatest soccer player. You create art with the way you move your feet, the way you touch the ball; it's like a dance that inspires tears of joy in the eyes of anyone who watches...

Review: Olivier Assayas' NON-FICTION, Very French Human Nature

"More people read my blog than my books," decries one of the characters in Olivier Assayas's latest film, Non-Fiction. The response from another is, that those blog readers are more likely than anyone else to buy those books. And a...