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Now Streaming: PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, When Certain Loves Could Definitely Not Speak Their Name

Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel star in writer/director Céline Sciamma's classical period film, now on Hulu.

Interview: Rebecca Zlotowski Talks AN EASY GIRL

Before everything went to hell with the COVID-19, I was prepping for attending Film at Lincoln Center's annual Rendezvous with French Cinema Festival, as I've been covering it for Screen Anarchy for the last several years. I was even lucky...

Now Streaming: MISSIONS, Continuing to Ponder the Future

The philosophical sci-fi series from France returns on Shudder.

Now Streaming: THE ROOM, Where Dreams Become Nightmares

Olga Kurylenko and Kevin Janssens star in a new thriller from director Christian Volckman ('Renaissance') on Shudder.

Review: THE WILD GOOSE LAKE, Stylish Noir and Controlled Chaos

The followup to Black Coal, Thin Ice, Diao Yinan's blistering noir that put him on the international cinema map, The Wild Goose Lake is another stylish noir/policier. If Black Coal Thin Ice was a cold noir with its wintry setting,...

Review: BACURAU, Resilience and Resolve Against a Mounting Assault

Let's consider what's been happening in Brazil before we talk about the batshit crazy movie that is Bacurau (from the makers of Neighboring Sounds and Aquarius - director Kleber Mendonça Filho and co-director/production designer Juliano Dornelles). In early 2018, Luiz...

Review: SWALLOW, Beautiful Style, Uncomfortable Subjects

We are introduced to young housewife, Hunter, in a pastel Christian Dior outfit.   Surveying the picturesque Hudson River in Upstate New York, from the raised terrace of her expensive home, she is the kept woman of a wealthy family...

Preview: Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2020

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema returns in March with another edition that exemplifies the variety and vitality of contemporary French filmmaking. The films on display, by emerging talents and established masters, raise ideas both topical and eternal, and take audiences to...

Now Streaming: JESSICA FOREVER, Mesmerizing Melancholy

Aomi Muyock, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Augustin Raguenet and Maya Coline star in a quiet drama with bursts of anguished fantasy; Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel directed.


The French Dispatch of The Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, has this piece of delightful Wes Anderson clutter (in title and design) slash dollhouse-diorama as its first piece of key art. What has become the norm for the filmmaker, is to...

Review: PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, Painted With a Queer Female Eye

Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel star in writer/director Céline Sciamma's classical period film.

Review: ZOMBI CHILD, Voodoo Is Not For You

Director Bertrand Bonello dabbles in the zombie movie genre and turns it into a cautionary tale in the post-colonial, multi-ethnic France.

Now Streaming: ISKANDER: SHADOW OF THE RIVER, Murder Most Foul

Stéphane Caillard and Adama Niane star in a French-language crime thriller.

ScreenAnarchy's Top Ten Films of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, ScreenAnarchy’s global team of critics and cineastes weighs in with our favourite cinematic offerings from the past 12 months, which saw Netflix lead the charge for cementing the legitimacy of the streaming platforms, while...

Friday One Sheet: PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE is all Paint & Flames

Neon consistently put out exceptional, thoughtful, and laser-focused key art for their releases. Their beautifully minimal one-sheet for Cannes sensation, A Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, is one of their best. Designer Akiko Stehrenberger is fond of the polaroid...

A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART Trailer: Bruising Noir Seeks Redemption

Among the many reasons that I enjoy Shudder, the streaming service, is that they have expanded well beyond horror titles and feature a great variety of genre films. And here's an excellent example. From all appearances, A Bluebird in My...

SYNONYMS Interview: Nadav Lapid on Israeli Identity, Art of Persuasion, and Actor Tom Mercier

Synonyms, Nadav Lapid's semi-autobiographical film about a young Israeli man struggling with his country's identity, won him many accolades this year, including the Golden Bear at the Berlinale. The film is greatly aided by its fearless star Tom Mercier. I...

Interview: Fabrice du Welz Talks About First Love and His New Film ADORATION

For over 15 years, Belgian director Fabrice du Welz has been thrilling and challenging audiences with his transgressive genre features like Calvaire and Alléluia. With his latest film, Adoration, he explores the coming of age of 12-year-old Paul (Thomas Gioria),...

Now on Blu-ray: THE RETURNED S2, The Dead Still Don't Want Brains

The French series continues to plunge into the mysteries of the living dead.

New York 2019 Review: ATLANTICS, A Ghost Story with Female Solidarity Twist

Expertly weaving the current headlines of marine disasters and the ghost story with the female solidarity twist, 'Atlantics' has all the right ingredient to be a success story of a small art film breakthrough, recalling 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.'