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Review: Olivier Assayas' NON-FICTION, Very French Human Nature

"More people read my blog than my books," decries one of the characters in Olivier Assayas's latest film, Non-Fiction. The response from another is, that those blog readers are more likely than anyone else to buy those books. And a...

Review: SUNSET, László Nemes' Cerebral, Dazzling Study of Chaotic Times

László Nemes doesn't give an easy answer to any of the intrigues in his film. Instead, he makes us work for it. And it's damn well worth it.

SUNSET Interview: László Nemes on His Challenging, Mesmerizing New Film

I saw Hungarian director/writer László Nemes' sophomore film Sunset at this year's Film Comment Selects series and was blown away by it. It is just as strong as his phenomenal debut film Son of Saul, a riveting Holocaust drama that...

Review: TRANSIT, Beautifully-told Noir

Director Christian Petzold’s (Phoenix) unique adaptation of the same name brilliantly twists the time and place of World War II events. The decision to depict a war narrative in this way disorients the viewer as there is no exposition to...

AMANDA Interview: Mikhaël Hers on Grief, Music and Summer

With his thoughtful presentation of loss, grief and human connection and youthful melancholy in medium length films (just around the 1-hour mark) Montparnasse and Primrose Hill, I was hooked on Mikhaël Hers’ gentle artistry. With the two features that followed,...

Review: CLIMAX, Tense, Unpredictable, Terrifying

Master provocateur Gaspar Noe returns with Sofia Boutella and a cast of non-actor dancers to spike the punch and see what happens.

Preview: Rendez-Vous with French Cinema at FSLC

The Film Society of Lincoln Center and Uni France again team up for the 24th edition of Rendez-Vous with French Cinema at Lincoln Center, this year from February 28 through March 10. The series puts an empasis on showcasing new...

Friday One Sheet: DESTROYER (en Français)

High contrast. Minimalist design. Emphasize movie star. Dominating typeset. This. Is. A. French. Movie poster.  And yet it has all the Hollywood elements too.  All you need is A Girl, A Gun, and Hyperbolic pull-quotes. (Jamais! Jamais!) Don't get me...

Review: Jean-Luc Godard's THE IMAGE BOOK Remains Urgent

The master's latest essay film is a hard nut to crack, but it's worth the effort.

Now on Home Video: THE APPARITION (L'APPARITION) Searches for Meaning

Vincent Lindon and Galatéa Bellugi star in director Xavier Giannoli's spiritual quest of a movie.

New York 2018 Review: COLD WAR, Tragic, Fatalistic Love Story, Briskly Told

Shot again in full frame monochrome by Lukascz Zal, the film is every bit as beautiful as Ida. His use of head space is there and it's lovely. Kulesza has a clear and beautiful singing voice in every style, providing some of the loveliest vocal tracks for the film's great, jazzy soundtrack.

Blu-ray Review: THE GUARDIANS, Women Stand Firm on a French Farm

Natalie Baye, Laura Smet and newcomer Iris Bry star in director Xavier Beauvois' stately, engaging drama.

Blu-ray Review: An All-Time Great Party Scene Graces Criterion's COLD WATER Blu-ray

Olivier Assayas' intimate epic of rock n' roll and teen ennui features beguiling leads and a great soundtrack.

Toronto 2018 Review: CLIMAX Is Something Kicking In

Climax takes its time. Like previous Gaspar Noe joints, the film opens pretentiously with a startling and beautiful image and pompous title cards. Fragments of film credits appear as the dancing crew is introduced, stylishly so of course, on an...

Interview: HOSTILE Director Mathieu Turi Talks Debut Feature

Mathieu Turi's debut feature may have just released yesterday from Sony Pictures, but he's far from a newbie. In fact, the French director has been working behind the scenes of many huge franchise films for years, including G.I. Joe, Tarantino's...

Review: LET THE CORPSES TAN, High Style and a Complicated Story

Writing-directing team Hélèn Cattet and Bruno Forzani try something of an experiment with their third feature.

HOSTILE: Watch an Exclusive Clip From The Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

In Mathieu Turi's debut feature film, Hostile, a lone survivor named Juliette struggles to survive against hunger, thirst, a broken leg, and the horrifying creatures that only come out at night in her post-apocalyptic world. Hostile played in more than...

Festival Diary: Arrow Video FrightFest Day 5 - CLIMAX, CRYSTAL EYES, THE DARK

The fifth and final day of FrightFest wrapped up a packed weekend of festivities in fine style. Monster Squad fans got their fill from the European Premiere of documentary Wolfman’s Got Nards from child star turned director Andre Gower. The...

RUBBER Director Returns With KEEP AN EYE OUT

Rubber helmer Quentin Dupieux has returned to French cinemas with his latest effort Keep An Eye Out (Au Poste) and it would appear he's got a bit of a hit on his hands with over a hundred thousand admissions in...

La Rochelle 2018 Trailer: French Absurdist Quentin Dupieux Returns With Black Comedy AU POSTE!

The cult filmmaker is back in the absurdist saddle with a meta-trailer for his upcoming feature.