Mayhem 2018: First Three Titles Include a FIELD GUIDE, The APOCALYPSE, And Japanese Cyborgs

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Mayhem 2018: First Three Titles Include a FIELD GUIDE, The APOCALYPSE, And Japanese Cyborgs
Over the years I've always sold the Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham, UK as one of those great primers for the region heading into the Hallowe'en or Guy Fawkes Night season. 
The festival always has a terrfic lineup of festival favorites and with the festival happening a couple weeks before the big nights if you are looking for inspiration Mayhem is a great place to find it. 
The festival runs the weekend of October 11th through 14th in the hallowed halls of at Broadway. The festival has just announced the first three titles in this year's lineup. 
Zom-com musical Anna and the Apocalypse is back on the circuit after a lengthy hiatus since its premiere last Fall. One of the current horror ominbuses Field Guide to Evil is coming to town. And Japanese cyborg sci-fi flick Inuyashiki rounds out the first three titles of this year's festival. 
Film descrptions are in the release below. 
With its 14th edition now just a few of months away, Mayhem Film Festival is proud to announce the first three titles from its 2018 programme.
Mayhem will host the UK Premiere of Shinsuke Sato’s Inuyashiki. A turbo-charged live action adaptation of the best-selling sci-fi manga series, Inuyashiki follows a downtrodden middle- aged man and an isolated teenager reborn as indestructible cyborgs after an apparent alien encounter. But whilst one uses his powers for good, the other seeks to wreak murderous havoc on humanity.
Also in this year’s line-up is the British zombie musical taking international horror film festivals by storm, Anna and the Apocalypse. When the zombie apocalypse hits the sleepy town of Little Haven, Anna and her friends must brutally battle - as well as sing and dance - their way to safety with an ever-growing horde of the undead in relentless pursuit. It’s a ‘High School Musical Of The Living Dead’ - yes really.
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Concluding Mayhem’s first round of announcements, the festival will screen the folklore- inspired horror anthology The Field Guide to Evil. From the creators of the cult classic The ABCs of Death, the film sees eight of the finest international directors – including Agnieszka SmoczyƄska (The Lure) and Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio) – explore the universal nature of human fear with stories inspired by myths, legends, and strange tales from around the world.
The Field Guide to Evil.jpg
More events, films and guests for Mayhem 2018 will be announced later in the summer.
Mayhem Film Festival will take place at Broadway, Nottingham on 11 – 14 October 2018, and more news will be revealed over the summer about this year’s edition. For more information, please visit
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