Friday One Sheet: PIERCING

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Friday One Sheet: PIERCING

This eye-catching design for the film adaptation of Murakami Ryu's 1994 novel, making its debut at Sundance, has a kind of Jack Davis sort of look. Davis, most famous for Mad Magazine, had a long good run on movie posters in the 1970s, including The Long Goodbye, The Bad News Bears, and It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

Add in a border with rounded corners, textured yellow (yellow is often code-colour for indie-film) and the distressed poster look, which was kind of trendy in around 2007-2009, but has faded a way now enough that it is not offensive here. Throw in some blood splatters, a tiny rabbit, and is that the gimp from Pulp Fiction?   

Ahhh, Sundance.


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