AnarchyVision: Jason Gorber Wraps Up TIFF 2013

Contributor; Toronto, Canada (@filmfest_ca)
AnarchyVision: Jason Gorber Wraps Up TIFF 2013
Despite barely being able to string two sentences together with any kind of coherence, yet wearing a R100 shirt for good measure, I managed to not sound like a complete idiot last night chatting with Scott Laurie about TIFF 2013. Shot inside an empty theatre with plenty of top lighting, I joked that it was as if the Facetime link was shot by Gordon Willis during his Godfather / "Prince of Darkness" era.

12 Years A Slave and The Square are well deserving of the major People's Choice Awards, and while I liked both Oculus and R100 more than Sono's film, it is nice to see him recognized for Why Don't You Play In Hell.

We also chatted about Enemy and The F Word, two really impressive Canadian films that bowed at this years festival.

Still much more coverage to come, and hopefully a bit more sleep in the days ahead.

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