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Now Streaming: NOS4A2 Begins Again, SWAMP THING Rages in Darkness

On streaming services, no one can hear you scream.

TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID: Watch New Trailer, Be Afraid, Get Excited

Ever since it debuted, Tigers Are Not Afraid has been "blowing minds all over the world," according to our own J Hurtado, and now a new trailer gives us all a lovely visual peek at what to expect. Issa López's...

Notes on Streaming: MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND Unsettles With Disturbing, Quiet Force

Plus: 'Gentleman Jack' and 'Cobra Kai' meet expectations.

Notes on Streaming: THE RUTHLESS Takes Criminal Aim, RAMY Takes a Spiritual Journey

Plus: 'Blue My Mind' shakes up Shudder.

Notes on Streaming: HANNA Shoots to Kill, British TRAITORS Intrigues

Also: Watch 'King Cohen' on Shudder, plus three more Larry Cohen films.

Notes on Streaming: Shudder's CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE, Taiwan's GREEN DOOR

Plus: Japan's 'My Husband Won't Fit.'


Plus: 'Cheap Thrills,' 'Free Solo' and 'Shoplifters' arrive.

Genre Streaming Picks: INTO THE DARK: TREEHOUSE, Xavier Gens' BUDAPEST

Plus: 'A Boy and His Dog' arrives on Shudder.

Notes on Streaming: Electrifying HORROR NOIRE, Problematic WHITE DRAGON

Also: 'Chungking Express' on the new Criterion Channel.

Notes on Streaming: I AM THE NIGHT Goes Retro LA for a Classic Mystery

Plus: Star Trek: Discovery returns, A Discovery of Witches takes flight.

Notes on Streaming: MANDY Gets Reckless, THE WORLD IS YOURS Stays Cool

Busting out of the gate at Sundance this past January, Panos Cosmatos' Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage, drew huge attention, especially, I suspect, from those who had disregarded Beyond the Black Rainbow, which was gorgeous and haunting in both spirit and...

Shudder: FOUND FOOTAGE 3D and SEOUL STATION Ready to Spook in October

As we near the most, wonderful time of the year - Halloween - we look to our streaming services to fulfill our desires for chills, thrills and outright scares. Look no further that AMC Networks’ Shudder, whose sole purpose is...

Exclusive Clip from Rodney Ascher's PRIMAL SCREEN

AMC's horror streaming service Shudder has entered the original content game with a series of six planned "Shudder Originals", the first of which is Rodney Ascher's (Room 237) latest, Primal Screen. Primal Screen explores how individuals are simultaneously attracted to...

Interview: Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton Talk WE GO ON, Now On Shudder

In their chilling sophmore feature, We Go On, filmmakers Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton explore life's biggest question through the eyes of a supernatural thriller. In the film, a young man in the throws of an existential crisis publishes an...

More Exclusives Hit Shudder in February

Horror streaming service Shudder continues to grow their collection with classic shockers and a number of fantastic exclusives. From the trippy French mini-series Beyond the Walls (which I loved) to Rob Zombie's killer clown extravoganza, 31, their offerings since coming to Canada...

DEAREST SISTER: Watch A Clip From Mattie Do's Acclaimed Lao Horror Film!

Regular readers of this site need no introduction to Lao filmmaker Mattie Do. We've been covering her work from the early days of her debut feature, Chanthaly, while charting the progress of sophomore effort Dearest Sister from inception. So rather...

SADAKO VS KAYAKO: Watch The New North American Trailer

Japanese horror icons clash in the supremely (and intentionally) silly Sadako vs Kayako, in which the ghosts at the center of The Ring and The Grudge franchises do battle. remember when people were all excited about Freddy vs Jason? This...

Shudder Provides Perfect Halloween Binge Watching

You may have heard about Shudder, the new streaming service backed by AMC (yes the very AMC known for Mad Men) aimed at rabid horror movie fans. I'd only glimpsed a fraction of what the service had to offer ---...

Interview: Sam Zimmerman Talks Shudder, A Horror Streaming Service

It's big day for horror fans in Canada. The all-horror streaming service, Shudder, launched in the territory as well as in the UK and Ireland today. Priding itself on bringing a curated collection of "all-killer, no-filler" horror titles right to...

Shudder Expanding to Canada This Fall

Great news, horror fans. Scary streaming service Shudder will expand to Canada this fall! Canucks who visit Shudder.com are treated to a message asking for their email address to sign up for invite-only access.  Shudder made waves when it launched in...