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Lili Horvát's mystery-drama has been selected for Hungary's submission to the best foreign language Oscar this year. The original title, Felkészülés meghatározatlan ideig tartó együttlétre, and its English translation, Preparations To Be Together For An Unknown Period Of Time, present...


Lili Horvát´s sophomore feature offers an introverted take on l´amour fou in slow-burning psychological melodrama about a romance that could have been.

Fantaspoa 2020 Review: COMRADE DRAKULICH, Genre Thrills, Nostalgia Frills in Political Satire

Lili Walters, Ervin Nagy and Zsolt Nagy star in director Márk Bodzsár's comic fantasy, featuring vampires appearing behind the Iron Curtain in the 1970s.

Review: ARCHIVE Collects Underdeveloped Sci-Fi Ideas and Themes

Theo James, Stacy Martin, Rhona Mitra, and Toby Jones star in Gavin Rothery's sci-fi adventure.

Review: THOSE WHO REMAINED, A Lyrical Holocaust Drama, Spared of Graphic Violence

Debuting Hungarian director Barnabás Tóth approaches the topic of Holocaust survival from a less bloody angle, without depreciating the severity of WWII events.

Venice 2019 Review: THE KING Lets Slip The Horrors Of War

Timothée Chalamet, Joel Edgerton and Robert Pattinson star in the historical drama, directed by David Michod.

Review: SUNSET, László Nemes' Cerebral, Dazzling Study of Chaotic Times

László Nemes doesn't give an easy answer to any of the intrigues in his film. Instead, he makes us work for it. And it's damn well worth it.

SUNSET Interview: László Nemes on His Challenging, Mesmerizing New Film

I saw Hungarian director/writer László Nemes' sophomore film Sunset at this year's Film Comment Selects series and was blown away by it. It is just as strong as his phenomenal debut film Son of Saul, a riveting Holocaust drama that...

Tallinn 2018 Review: BAD POEMS, Hungarian Pop-Rom-Dramedy with Flair of Michel Gondry

Emerging Hungarian filmmaker Gábor Reisz hones his film craftsmanship in an idiosyncratic sophomore feature.

Chicago 2018 Review: X THE EXPLOITED, Nordic Crime Goes Eastern European Style

The Hungarian black comedy Liza the Fox Fairy (read the review) ushered another new talent hailing from the homeland of Béla Tarr, Gyorgy Pálfi and Miklós Jancsó, in the person of the writer-director Károly Ujj Mészáros. After the warm reception and...

Summer Film School 2018 Review: THE WHISKEY BANDIT, True Story Gets Superstar Treatment

Los Angeles-born filmmaker of Hungarian ancestry Nimród Antal made a name for himself on the international circuit with a debut that turned into a minor cult film, Kontroll. He then returned back over the pond to work on horror Vacancy,...


Eureka! Entertainment has been dropping hints about the rest of its Q1 2018 slate for a while now, but today the British label confirmed the street dates for a host of exciting new releases for their beloved Masters of Cinema...

Warsaw 2017 Review: AURORA BOREALIS Glows in Bleak Times

Hungarian veteran director Márta Mészáros tackles Soviet occupation in her latest effort Aurora Borealis intertwined with a personal struggle of Sophie´s Choice-like plight

Brussels 2017 Review: STRANGLED, Events in This Hungarian Thriller Will Linger Long After

The small town of Martfü, Hungary, became well known after the war for its shoe factory. But after the revolution in 1956, an atrocious murder of a local woman from a factory scares local authorities into action.   A psychotic...

Berlinale 2017 Review: ON BODY AND SOUL, One Of Those Films That Makes You See Afresh

Whether White God or Son of Saul, there are some seriously good films coming out of Hungary at the moment, and Ildikó Enyedi's On Body and Soul is no exception. Sitting in the 67th Berlinale's Main Competition, this often almost...

STRANGLED: Things Get Grim In True Life Hungarian Serial Killer Film

Based on actual events, Hungarian director Arpad Sopsits has been turning heads with his dark crime thriller Strangled. Despite what the artwork to the left may indicate the story of a necrophilic serial killer actually drew a restrictive 18+ rating...

LOOP: Watch The International Trailer For Hungarian SciFi Action

We first caught wind of Isti Madarász' time looping thriller Loop (Hurok) back in February, noting at the time that while the central device of the story is a familiar one that the film seems to be putting it to...

Death Comes Rolling In The KILLS ON WHEELS Trailer

It wasn't so long ago that Hungary felt as though it was a nation about to explode on the international film scene with directors such as Gyorgy Palfi (Taxidermia), Nimrod Antal (Kontroll) and Aron Gauder (The District) all appearing on...

GROUNDHOG DAY With Extra Death In Hungarian Time Loop Thriller HUROK Trailer

Hungarian writer-director Isti Madarasz makes his feature debut with Hurok, a time looping thriller following a man living the same sequence of events in a continuous cycle as he tries to save the life of his girlfriend. There have been...

Review: SON OF SAUL, A Unique Holocaust Horror Story

Son of Saul has two obvious strikes against it. It's a handheld, close POV movie, usually the sign of filmmakers too austere to pick up a tripod, eschewing good framing in favour of shakycam "grit." Then there's the subject...