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70s Rewind: SLEEPING DOGS Don't Lie in New Zealand

Sam Neill stars in director Roger Donaldson's provocative action drama, with Warren Oates in a featured role.


Hey, kids, here's a rock doc that's as much about the doc as the rock! (Yes, dear reader, I am probably much, much older than you.) First published in 1969 and billing itself as "America's only rock n' roll magazine,"...

70s Rewind: THE TERMINAL MAN, When Elective Surgery Goes Bad

George Segal and Joan Hackett star in director Mike Hodges' adaptation of Michael Crichton's techno-thriller novel.

70s Rewind: HESTER STREET, Where Russian Immigrants Are People, Too

In Joan Micklin Silver's feature debut, a Russian Jew learns all about America.

70s Rewind: In ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE, Robert Blake Commands the Screen

Every generation gets the Robert Blake it deserves. In 1939, young Mickey Gubitosi began appearing in the Our Gang series of short comic films. He took on the stage name Bobby Blake for other films through most of the 1950s,...

70s Rewind: GREASER'S PALACE, Jesus Christ in the Old West

Watching Greaser's Palace (1972) for the first time without having any idea that it was a Christ parable, I was completely bewildered. It's newly available on Blu-ray from Doppelganger Releasing and Scorpion Releasing and looks absolutely lovely. The disc is...

70s Rewind: SCORPIO, Cynical Spies Like Us

Cynical times prompt cynical films. The early 1970s were a cynical time for many people. The bloom and possibilities of the 1960s were rapidly fading. In 1972, U.S. President Richard M. Nixon easily won re-election, even as the Watergate investigation...

LET ME BE FRANK: Episode 7 “Nonfilms”

Episode 7, “Nonfilms”, of the LET ME BE FRANK web documentary series is now available for viewing. Readings by photographer/author David Steinberg and artist/activist Paul Escriva.  This episode explores Frank's "street series", his "nonfilms" sessions in Santa Fe, discoveries he...