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Tokyo 2016: Godzilla To Receive ARIGATO Award

In a rather amusing turn of events, Godzilla managed to make the news again this weekend after winning the annual TIFF ARIGATO Award. Now in its second year, the "Thank You" Award is given out to talented individuals, who wholeheartedly...

Tokyo 2016: Lineup and Recommendations

As the countdown on the official website keeps gently reminding us, there are only a few days left to go until Tokyo International Film Festival. Roppongi Hills, along with other venues, will once again play host to one of the...

Tokyo 2016: Teaser Trailer for Jun Lana's DIE BEAUTIFUL Is Electric Fun

Jun Lana's new dramedy Die Beautiful has dropped a new teaser-trailer just in time for its world premiere at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. There's enough spectacle here to make up for 2013's harrowing Barber's Tales and color to make up for...

Hosoda Mamoru And Iwai Shunji Headed For Tokyo International Film Festival

Early news has arrived from Tokyo International Film festival as they announce major retrospectives from two of the country’s most compelling filmmakers. Animation maestro Hosoda Mamoru’s star has been on the rise for some time now. From 2006’s The Girl...

Tokyo 2015 Awards: NISE - THE HEART OF MADNESS Wins Grand Prix

After ten days of screenings and events, the Tokyo International Film Festival 2015 wrapped for another year with a closing ceremony announcing the winners of its many awards. For the festival's 30th year, director Bryan Singer took time away from...

Tokyo 2015: Of Death And Robots, A Conversation With SAYONARA Director Fukada Koji And Actress Bryerly Long

Starting life as a short stage play back in 2010, Sayonara made headlines internationally thanks to its novel use of an 'android' cast member. The artificial actor sat opposite human counterpart Bryerly Long as the two engaged in an...

Exclusive: Directors & Producers Are All Lowlifes, Says The Trailer For Uchida Eiji's LOWLIFE LOVE

Directors & Producers Are All Lowlifes! Or so says director Eiji Uchida in the tagline of his latest black comedy, Lowlife Love. We've been big fans of the director here at ScreenAnarchy since his deliciously dark comedy Greatful Dead broke out...

Tokyo International Film Festival Announces Huge MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Retrospective

Last year's Tokyo International Film Festival demonstrated its new focus on the world of animation by screening a sizable retrospective of the works of Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Anno Hideaki. The event showcased many of the director's classics, including debut series...