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We Are One Film Festival: Tribeca And YouTube to Launch Free Virtual Film Festival For Charity

Tribeca Enterprises and YouTube have announced a virtual film festival called We Are One: A Global Film Festival which will run at the end of May and into the first week of June.    Over the run of We Are...

Review: A COMMON CRIME, Privilege Collides with Prejudice in Minimalist Drama

Argentinean filmmaker Francisco Márquez revealed his latest work titled A Common Crime in Berlinale´s Panorama section after his 2016 feature debut The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis, which he co-directed with Andrea Testa. The debut was a politically charged drama...

Now Streaming: DAU, Controversial Project May Be a Work of Genius or Madman

Directed by Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, the first parts of the gargantuan project, which began in 2006 and has amassed 700 hours of footage, are available online.

Review: SERVANTS, Visually Captivating Artful Period Film About Persecution

The visual storytelling takes over the verbal narration in Ivan Ostrochovský's sophomore feature fiction film about Church's collaboration and Communist persecution.

Berlinale 2020 Review: BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ, A German Version of Hollywood

The latest rendition of Alfred Döblin's 1929 seminal novel unfolds through the lens of the current socio-political situation and fashionable aesthetics.

Berlinale 2020 Review: IRRADIATED, Extreme Supercut of Annihilation

Rithy Panh curates a gruesome history lesson in an attempt to avert macabre history repeating itself in his latest documentary.

Berlinale 2020 Review: THERE IS NO EVIL, Country Eating Its Children

Banned filmmaker "spreads propaganda against the Islamic government" portraying the mechanism of the complicity run by an authoritarian and oppressive regime.

Berlinale 2020 Review: NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS, Not Another Teenage Abortion Drama

Eliza Hittman delivers empathic and intimate drama transcending the central subject of teenage abortion.

Berlinale 2020 Review: SIBERIA, Carnivalesque Therapy Session Turned Divine Journey

Willem Dafoe stars in Abel Ferrara's Rorschach of a film that might and might not be a satire of expressionist psychoanalytical drama.

Berlinale 2020 Review: THE ROADS NOT TAKEN, Sally Potter's Melodrama Finds Empathy for a Marginalized Group

Sally Potter´s star-studded film re-examines past dilemmas and regrets in a sentimental drama with a dignified side-effect.

AMI Trailer: When Your Phone Prompts You to Commit Murder, Maybe It`s Time to Put it Down

AMI is a new psychological thriller from director Rusty Nixon and IndustryWorks Studios, who is also handling international sales of the film at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. A trailer has been released just in time for the market...

THE CLEANER Exclusive: New Concept Art Emerges Ahead of EFM

Back in 2017 one of my favorite pitches from the Frontieres coproduction market was for Jan van Gorkum's horror comedy The Cleaner.    In the Dutch production The Cleaner, a dark comedy and horror flick, the central character Barry, a...

LUZ: Watch The New Teaser Trailer For Tilman Singer's Intense Debut

Already taking the festival circuit by storm, this intense, and intensely strange, possession mind bender, now has now a teaser trailer worthy of the experience. Tilman Singer's Luz, deftly straddles the line between genre and art-house, and it is sure...

LUZ: New Stills From Tilman Singer's Debut Feature Thriller

Tilman Singer's debut feature film Luz is just starting to really hit the genre film festival circuit with dates coming up in Brazil and here in Canada.    A fresh batch of stills were released yesterday and we have to...

Berlinale 2018 Review: HUMAN, SPACE, TIME AND HUMAN aka Rape: The Movie

The work of Kim Ki-duk has been contentious for many reasons over the years, with the rampant misogyny that permeates his films being a particular bone of contention amongst critics. His most recent outing doesn't so much add fuel to...

Berlinale 2018 Review: IN THE AISLES, A Cheery German Heart-Breaker

German director Thomas Stuber seems to have dramatically upped his game since his very straight-faced, moody debut Teenage Angst, which featured at the Berlinale back in 2008. Now also acting as a co-writer alongside Clemens Meyer (a collaboration that has...

Berlinale 2018 Review: THE INTERPRETER, Two Oldtimers in a Road Dramedy

Peter Simonischek of Toni Erdmann fame meets Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel in a dramedy by Slovak director Martin Šulík

Berlinale 2018 Review: MUSEO, Another Gem of Charming Fecklessness By Alonso Ruizpalacios

Having won the Best First Feature Award with his exquisite debut Güeros at the Berlinale in 2014, director Alonso Ruizpalacios now excitingly returns to the festival's Main Competition with Museo (Museum). This sophomore effort feels much larger in scale, and it...

Berlinale 2018 Review: UNSANE, A Stellar Piece of Psycho Fiction

Depending on what your thoughts on Logan Lucky were, it was possible to worry that Steven Soderbergh had hit a bit of a bump in the road last year, but fortunately the director of prized titles like Ocean's Eleven, Magic...

Berlinale 2018 Review: FAKE TATTOOS, Bearing the Marks of a Great Teenage Drama

Whilst not Pascal Plante's first feature film, having previously made doc La génération porn in 2014, Fake Tattoos (Les faux tatouages) is the director's first step into feature-length drama. And it's quite the first step - one that definitely carries...