Friday One Sheet: INSIDE (again)

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Friday One Sheet:  INSIDE (again)

The key art campaign by design house Arsonal, for Vasilis Katsoupis's psychological art-heist movie, Inside, continues to bear fruit

Here we have an abstract rendition of Willem Dafoe's face with manifestations of various emotional states (or demons) busting out from under the skin. The title card is firmly 'lodged,' as it were, in his brain. It certainly gives of a 'mental manifesting as physiology' Cronenberg vibe. Dafoe's upper body here is one of the meatiest credit blocks I have seen in some time, making good use of the contrasting blacks.

If you look closely, the white textured background is canvas. This poster acts as a portrait of the main character as well.

I would hang this one on my foyer wall.


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