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Friday One Sheet: INSIDE (again)

The key art campaign by design house Arsonal, for Vasilis Katsoupis's psychological art-heist movie, Inside, continues to bear fruit.  Here we have an abstract rendition of Willem Dafoe's face with manifestations of various emotional states (or demons) busting out from...

Berlinale 2023 Review: INSIDE, Heist Drama Turns Into Something Else

Willem Dafoe wrecks a luxury apartment, creating conceptual art in a bid for survival in director Vasilis Katsoupis' feature-length fiction debut.

Friday One Sheet: INSIDE

I love a good teaser poster, and these three pieces of key art for Vasilis Katsoupis' debut feature deliver a satisfying tease. The film, Inside, is a one man, one room heist film starring Willem Dafoe, who slowly goes crazy after...