Friday One Sheet: FRESH

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Friday One Sheet:  FRESH

One of the best film festival press kits that has ever been offered was Fortissimo Films' promotion for György Pálfi's culty, exceptionally (but delightfully) grotesque Taxidermia. It came in a styrofoam tray, wrapped in shrink-wrap, where the booklet itself was printed as well marbled meat. You can see it here. That 2006 film also had some exceptional poster work done for it.

(Side note: I foolishly gave my copy away a few years later to someone who was looking for it as a collector's item, and yet, I still have an Ichi The Killer branded poster-barf bag. Go figure.)

So, the nostalgia for that piece of festival ephemera instantly endeared me to the new poster for Fresh, a dating comedy with a slice of cannibalism. I love that the nail polish is still on the hand in the butchers packaging. I love that the grocer's logo looks like Baphomet.  I love that there is a 'unit pricing' on the sticker. And I especially love the tagline, "It's not for everyone." This describes both the nuts and bolts plot of the film, as well as the possible reaction to this kind of entertainment, in and of itself. It is also deeply funny, given the main image here.

There is not much in the way of a credit block for this unorthodox bit of key art; however, it is noteworthy that streaming services, as Hulu does here, typically tend to leave that kind of thing out.

One last note: The QR code will take you to the German Searchlight page for the film, which has streaming links to the entire soundtrack.


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