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Notes on Streaming: ASTRA LOST IN SPACE, Sci-Fi Winners

The anime series asks good questions in the context of fun adventures.

Notes on Streaming: THEY COME KNOCKING, Quiet and Insistent

'Into the Dark' scores another quiet-horror success on Hulu.

Notes on Streaming: THE RUTHLESS Takes Criminal Aim, RAMY Takes a Spiritual Journey

Plus: 'Blue My Mind' shakes up Shudder.


Plus: 'Cheap Thrills,' 'Free Solo' and 'Shoplifters' arrive.

Genre Streaming Picks: INTO THE DARK: TREEHOUSE, Xavier Gens' BUDAPEST

Plus: 'A Boy and His Dog' arrives on Shudder.

Notes on Streaming: RUSSIAN DOLL Rocks

Also: Daniel Stamm's 'Into the Dark: Down,' Jonas Åkerlund's 'Polar.'

Notes on Streaming: FYRE Fever

The disastrous Fyre Festival in 2017 has inspired two new feature documentaries, both now available on competing streaming services.


Recently premiering on the Hulu streaming service and now debuting new episodes every Tuesday, Runaways offers a different spin on the Marvel universe. Rather than the darker, more violent take offered by the label's flurry of Netflix shows -- Daredevil,...

First Images from THE HANDMAID'S TALE: A Frightening Dystopia

Margaret Atwood's 1985 dystopian sci-fi book The Handmaid's Tale has taken on a disquieting prescience, given the recent US election. So it's quite fortunate timing that Hulu is producing a series based on the book, and they've released some images...

New 11.22.63 Trailer Promises Nostalgia And Chaos

While his name is synonymous with modern horror, Stephen King doesn't focus solely on that genre. Arguably, one may find quite a bit of horror in his crime stories --- and even in his book On Writing, wherein he described...

Review: MOONE BOY Season 2 Is Very Fecking Good

Tales of boyhood, of one's family, and one's town, are a down right staple in TV Land. From Leave It To Beaver to The Wonder Years, it seems that every decade of television must have at least one iconic male-centered...

Hollywood Beat: Notes On Cutting The Cord And NBC's Genre Programs

I cut the cable cord last year, but I'm not always happy about it. I had to wait a year before seeing Season 2 of Game of Thrones, for example, and will have to wait to see Season 3 until...

DANGER 5 Arrives On Hulu, Gets Straight To The Biscuits

One of the greatest TV shows to premiere in 2012 was Danger 5. A madcap pastiche of spy tropes, ridiculous costumes and elaborate plywood sets, Danger 5 asks what if World War II happened during the swinging 1960s, and a...