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Review: FRESH, Remarkably Assured, Cautionary Horror

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan star in a gut-churning horror thriller, directed by Mimi Cave.

Friday One Sheet: FRESH

One of the best film festival press kits that has ever been offered was Fortissimo Films' promotion for György Pálfi's culty, exceptionally (but delightfully) grotesque Taxidermia. It came in a styrofoam tray, wrapped in shrink-wrap, where the booklet itself was...

Sundance 2022 Review: FRESH, Exquisitely Refined Culinary Horror

Epicurean horror has a long, if not always distinguished history on film, ranging from gnarly, gristly low-budget entries like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre through The Hills Have Eyes and Motel Hell (among many others), and more recently, Delicatessen, Hannibal...