Friday One Sheet: THE NORTHMAN

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Friday One Sheet: THE NORTHMAN

In case you missed it earlier in the week when the trailer dropped, here is the fire and brimstone key art for Robert Eggers' The Northman. Designed by studio AVPrint (who also did this year's wonderful hand-drawn one-sheet for Lamb and the Saul Bass inspired poster for The Outfit) it eschews the 'creepy animal' vibe of both of Eggers' previous teaser posters, and goes for cliff-edge epic, nearly in black and white except for the promise of fire.

A lone warrior stands (Alexander Skarsgard's lanky frame always cuts a fine figure in either technicolour abs, or here, stark silhouette) at the ready for a flotilla of ships. 

The perfect teaser image. 

The typesetting, in faux Old Norse style, has the good sense to stay out of the way of the major imagery, hiding in the clouds. A second, perhaps redundant, highly simplified credit block at the bottom of the poster, highlighting the writers, also promises a release date.

We hope that happens on the big screen.

If this were a lobby poster, the film would already have my dollars.


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