Friday One Sheet: War Time Propaganda (In The Time of Cholera)

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Friday One Sheet: War Time Propaganda (In The Time of Cholera)

And now for something completely different... Apologies if you have been coming to Screen Anarchy to take your mind off the current War on Covid-19 aka global pandemic. 

However, it has been a slow few weeks in the movie industry (understatement), and any recently released key art has been a tad underwhelming. While browsing around for today's column, and glancing at Andrew Mack's ever-savvy Social Media curation, I stumbled upon some war-time propaganda posters.

The first three are made by Center for Infectious Disease Research, and was a cool way for raising awareness in fighting various illnesses and disease. More recently, Canadian artist Chris Moet, made this wonderful COVID-19 poster in regards to flattening the curve in helping out the Medical and hospital sectors during our current pandemic.  Lastly, I have included the wonderful propaganda teaser poster from the 2007 release of Juan-Carlos Fresnadillo's underrated sequel (to Danny Boyle's fast zombie reinvention), 28 Weeks Later...






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