Hot Docs 2016: ScreenAnarchy Cherry-Picks Titles From Full Festival Lineup

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North America's largest documentary film festival just announced its full line-up and schedule. Hot Docs returns to Toronto in its 23rd year, and as per usual, it features a massive number of titles for lovers of non-fiction cinema: 232 features and shorts from 51 countries, to be exact.

Offering a slew of new docs, including Jay Cheel's time travel reverie How To Build A Time Machine, De Palma, Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow's feature interview with the film director on his 50 year career, ESPN's epic 7.5 hour OJ Simpson: Made In America, The Ross Brothers 'pep rally' doc Contempory Color and Ferne Perlstein's The Last Laugh, a primer on how to (or not to) make jokes about the Holocuast featuring Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Sarah Sliverman and surviors of Nazi internment camps. 

Scroll through the gallery below for a ScreenAnarchy centric overview of what to look out for if you are in Toronto between April 28th and May 8th and are looking to take in some of the best documentary films  (and experimental hybrids) playing around the world.

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Hot Docs also acts as a 'best of' from Sundance, and indeed there are screenings of Werner Herzog's Lo and Behold, Weiner (the oh so aptly named fallen politician), the outlandish New Zealand mystery Tickled, Kirsten Johnson's 25 year travelogue, Cameraperson.

Also, Matt Johnson's NASA shot, genre defying, Operation Avalanche, delightfully finagled its way into the line-up.

Furthermore, the festival has been doing superb work in terms of documentary retrospectives, this year highlighting Steve James (Hoop Dreams, The Interuptors, Life Itself) as well as a look back at Madonna's groundbreaking Truth or Dare, which turns 25 this year(!).

And for fans of do or die DIY cinema, the festival is screening Chris Smith's 1999 classic American Movie, a humourous and inspiring look at the making of Mark Borchardt's Coven (which doesn't rhyme with 'oven.')

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