Trailer for HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE (and HotDocs DOCignite)

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Trailer for HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE (and HotDocs DOCignite)
After the success of his Jackass stunt progenitor doc, Beauty Day, on both the festival circuit and on Canadian Television (Americans take note, it comes out on DVD in the Great White North on February 28) the next project from Canuck documentarian Jay Cheel is a non-fiction time travel film called How To Build A Time Machine.  Cheel's work (in both documentary and absurdist-horror short filmmaking) tends to be a pretty ScreenAnarchy-y mixture of Errol Morris, John Carpenter, Werner Herzog and Mario Bava, so we are pretty happy that he is moving so quickly into his second feature length film:

The year is 2036. Decades after the second American Civil War and the global nuclear strike known as 'N-Day', an American soldier named John Titor is assigned a top secret mission: travel back in time to the year 1975 and retrieve an IBM 5100 computer. During this mission, John would make an unexpected stop in the year 2000 for "personal reasons." There he would connect with his family and then 2-year-old self and begin interacting online with a group of open-minded time travel enthusiasts. John would share information about the future and a detailed description of his time machine and how it works. While some question the veracity of John's claims, others believe he was truly a man from the future.  How to Build a Time Machine is a genre bending 'non-fiction, science-fiction mystery' that will explore the story of John Titor through interviews and detailed recreations based on John's original internet posts. We'll also talk with theoretical physicists and time travel enthusiasts about the scientific reality of time travel and how this simple concept has inspired science fiction fans around the world. The result will be a unique, cinematic experience that's sure to both entertain and enlighten.

The project is currently in production, but it has been selected by HotDocs 2012 as the first feature in its DOCIgnite Programme, which is kind of like Kickstarter for documentary films.   Thus, the embedded trailer serves three purposes, as a trailer for How To Build a Time Machine, as  a promo for DOCIgnite, and perhaps more importantly to show off the continuing cult following of Reed Farrington, who cameos during the DOCIgnite back-half of the trailer.  For those who have not discovered the Karl Pilkington-esque delights of Mr. Farrington, let google be your guide.
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