Frontières 2015: Works-In-Progress Features Werefrogs, Crabs, The Apocalypse And A Woman In A Shower

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The Works-In-Progress series at Frontières is always a good time because these are the films that are coming down the pipe in the not too distant future. These are the films to keep an eye out for in the coming year at a festival near you. 

We got to see clips and trailers from four projects this year. There were a couple creature features, Bad Blood and Crabs! Then there was a time travel slash post apocalyptic movie called Diverge. And to start it all off we got to watch a few minutes of a documentary about a very specific moment in Alfred Hitchcock's film career. 

The thing to remember about any of these titles is that they are all still in the working stages. This is not meant to be interpreted as a review of the films but simply impressions from the material we were shown. And I was impressed by all four in different ways. 

Bad Blood writer and director Tim Reis (producer of The Demon's Rook and Goat Witch) presented four clips and a trailer for his upcoming feature debut, a Werefrog creature feature. Yes. You read that right. Werefrog.

The story is Victoria goes missing and when she returns home she has these vials of fluid that her overbearing step-father assumes is for a drug habit. When he locks her in her room during the next full moon she transforms into the Werefrog. Amphibious death awaits us all!

The first clip was a scene set in the lab where Victoria was transformed by her kidnapper. It displayed a very colorful spectrum and was reminiscent of Stuart Gordon's work on The Re-Animator and films of that ilk. Another scene was the set up for her transformation at home which started with the confrontation with her step-father. It pretty much sets him as the douchebag who needs to die first. We also were shown a trailer for the film.

We got a brief glimpse of the creature effects. They were done by regular Reis collaborator James Sizemore (director of The Demon's Rook) and as you can see from the photo above the practical effects look good. We did not see a transformation so there is that to look forward to.

Tim is currently looking for sales representation and help raising funds for the rest of the post production.

BR Productions is producing.

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