DIVERGE: Watch This Exclusive Clip From James Morrison's Indie Sci-Fi

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DIVERGE: Watch This Exclusive Clip From James Morrison's Indie Sci-Fi
James Morrison's indie sci fi flick Diverge is making its way to iTunes and VOD on February 6th. If you recall we caught some footage from the film's prologue during the Frontieres Coproduction Market at Fantasia during the Summer of 2016. Having concluded its year long festival run it is time to share it with the rest of the masses and celebrate with an exclusive clip from the film. 
The clip follows a couple as they make their way across a desolate wasteland when they come upon a body. Scrounging the body for any supplies she finds a seashell in its hand. 
In the aftermath of a mysterious pandemic that’s turned cities into wastelands, a man desperately searches for a way to cure his ailing wife as she battles a deadly virus.  When he is captured by a cryptic stranger, he is offered the chance to save not only his wife but the world.  
You can pre-order Diverge on iTunes starting today. It will be on sale for $6.99 on iTunes in the US and Canada until the release day on February 6th. 
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