CRABS! Trailer: What's Bigger Than a King Crab? Why, a Kaiju Crab of Course

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CRABS! Trailer: What's Bigger Than a King Crab? Why, a Kaiju Crab of Course
Get ready for shellshock! It’s the ZOMBEAVERS meets GODZILLA versus ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS hybrid you always craved in the creature feature comedy horror of the year. Mutated by nuclear runoff a horde of murderous horseshoe crabs descend on a sleepy California town causing Prom Night terror. As the deadly crustaceans claw their way through the disbelieving population, it’s up to a ramshackle band of students and police to address the increasingly ginormous crab menace in a love letter to such practical effects horrors as GREMLINS and nostalgic Roger Corman classics.
Let's start our week off with a healthy dose of indie creature feature, shall we? Our friends at Raven Banner Entertainment have released the first trailer for Pierce Berolzheimer's debut feature film Crabs!.  
Use to be that all you'd have to worry about ruining your prom night was an upright, pious preacher type of the John Lithgow variety (waits for the IMDB searches to find this far reaching cultural reference to conclude). These days, if you're by any ocean, you have to deal with a horde of murderous crab monsters descending on a your pastoral coastal town on prom night. Of course it would take a ragtag group of outcasts to save the day.
And if you're not by an ocean? Cool, enjoy your prom, nerds. 
Crabs! stars Jessica Morris, Dylan Riley Snyder, Robert Craighead and Allie Jennings.  It was written and directed by Pierce Berolzheimer, his first directing gig. 

Crabs! Trailer from Raven Banner on Vimeo.

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