Watch Some Icky Sticky, Ooey Gooey Horror In BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE Trailer!

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Watch Some Icky Sticky, Ooey Gooey Horror In BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE Trailer!

When we first heard about Tim Reis' horror flick Bad Blood: The Movie the director was presenting his Werefrog film as a work in progress at the Frontieres Co-Production Market at Fantasia last Summer.

Thankfully for fans of sloppy and sticky horror Reis found the partners he needed to finish his film and now we have the first trailer, and some stills, to share with you below.  

The Creators of THE DEMON'S ROOK and GOAT WITCH bring the slime with sci-fi creature feature, BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE.
After a horrific amphibian attack leaves college student Victoria Miller (Mary Malloy) infected with a mutational disease, she returns home where the antidote to her affliction is mistaken for drugs by her evil stepfather. Locked in her room without her medicine, she transforms into a hideous monster to give everyone a taste of their own, while an obsessive private investigator uncovers the dark truth about her condition.
A love letter to the Stuart Gordon/Frank Henenlotter mad science opuses of the '80's, BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE is an amphibious twist on classic werewolf mythology, equal parts X-files and Tales from The Crypt, with a familiar blend of humor, horror and practical creature effects (handled by James Sizemore).
I love it, it is so gleefully lo fi. It looks like fans of practical effects will gorge themselves on what Reis and Sizemore have in store for us. When it comes to practical effects gluttony is permissable. 
Bad Blood will have its world premiere at the 2016 Chattanooga Film Festival.
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