Have Your Say: What Gag Made You Gag?

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Have Your Say: What Gag Made You Gag?
Earlier today, J. Hurtado reviewed the much anticipated Arrow Blu-ray release of Brian Yuzna's Society (check out that article here). I'm looking forward to finally seeing the film, about which I've heard people talk for literally decades. Some hail it as an absurd masterpiece, others revile it.

Both sides of that discussion seem to agree on the finale though, in that it is gross. Grosser than gross. I've heard "revolting", "repulsive", "nauseating" and that most descriptive of all: "gag-inducing". That last one is quite a claim. Several films have made me shudder or wince in the past. But actually gag? Though I loved the film, I remember getting pretty nauseous the first time I saw Peter Jackson's Dead Alive / Braindead.

Of course, what makes one person gag may not even make another person blink. Gore is obviously a big factor but is often not even necessary. I know someone who said some violence at the end of Looking For Mr. Goodbar made her vomit already. For others it will even be just an implied threat, animal cruelty, seeing someone eat something weird, porn, or a close-up of a worm. Hell, seeing a baby fill a diaper sure is gross enough for some.

Which brings me to today's question: which scenes managed to make your gorge rise, so to speak? Which films managed to make disgust a physical thing for you?

In short: what gag made you gag? Chime in, in the comments below, and HAVE YOUR SAY!

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