Now Streaming: JERUZALEM, Highway to Hell

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Now Streaming: JERUZALEM, Highway to Hell

With various travel restrictions currently in place, a horror film might provide the only opportunity to travel to the Middle East this year. Is it a trip worth taking?

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By 2015, the found-footage approach to low-budget filmmaking was wearing thin on appeal to some viewers, myself definitely included. Directed by Doron Paz and Yoav Paz, billed as "The Paz Brothers," Jeruzalem added a further element to distinguish itself from the crowd, as noted by Anton Bitel in his review for Projected Figures: "Jeruzalem opens with some basic 'found footage' shot in 1976, before cutting to the present, where everything is shown, POV-style, through Sarah's high-tech 'Smart Glasses'."

Mr. Bitel concluded that, after quite a bit of "meandering character business," once "all hell breaks loose," things begin looking upward, a thought also expressed by horror authority Kim Newman in his Screen Daily review: "Offers a satisfyingly large-scale demonic incursion as glimpsed from the streets."

It's a zombie picture, of course, but the undead are from Holy Writings and much of the picture was shot in Jerusalem under the pretense that it was all a straight-ahead documentary. Dedicated horror fans may want to give the film a(nother) shot, especially since it's now streaming on Shudder.

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